Cocoa beans Minecraft are among the oldest items and many growable crops. Present since Minecraft’s launch, cocoa beans are very helpful.

So what can we do with cocoa beans in Minecraft and can cocoa beans grow on any tree in Minecraft?

How do you mine cocoa in Minecraft?

When it comes to how to get cocoa beans Minecraft, there are many ways you can adopt.

First, you may go to jungle biomes and find cocoa pods as these are the only place where this item grows naturally. Cocoa pods can be seen generating from jungle tree trunks.

Gamers can use bare hands or any tool in order to break cocoa pods. Meanwhile, using an ax would be the quickest way to harvest them.

Where To Find cocoa beans Minecraft
You can find cocoa beans in jungle biomes and get them by hand or axes.

A fully-grown cocoa pod with a brown texture will drop 3 cocoa beans upon breaking. The young pods, with a greenish hue, will only drop 1 cocoa bean. After obtaining cocoa beans in Minecraft, you can plant them on jungle logs for more pods and beans.

Secondly, Bedrock Edition has two ways to farm cocoa beans. You might get a wandering trader that sells 3 cocoa beans for the price of an emerald.

You also have a slight chance to get cocoa beans from fishing in jungle biomes. Both of these methods are less consistent than the first way.

Can cocoa beans grow on any tree Minecraft? They do grow on the sides of any jungle log, regardless of light level. Just note that it requires 1 empty air block in the space it will occupy.

What can we do with cocoa beans in Minecraft?

Brown dyes

Primarily, cocoa beans are used for brown dye crafting. You can make this by placing cocoa beans into a crafting slot.

Brown Dye
How to use cocoa beans in Minecraft? Make dyes with them.

Besides brown dyes, you may directly use them in recipes to make:

In the Education Editon, you can also make use of cocoa beans to create brown-colored balloons, glow sticks, and more.

Crafting food

Apart from brown items, Minecraft gamers can use cocoa beans to craft food.

You cannot eat cocoa beans (well, in the game), but you can combine them with wheat to make some cookies.

1 cookie can restore 1 hunger point and grants 0.4 hunger saturation.

Cocoa Beans Cookie
Players can also make cookies with cocoa beans, just don't eat the beans directly.

Bone meals

Last but not least, cocoa beans Minecraft can create bone meals if they are put in the composter. You may put this plant-related item in a composter to boost the compost level.

1 cocoa bean has a 65 percent chance of increasing compost level by 1. Once the composter has reached level 7, it can make a piece of bonemeal.

You might build a cocoa bean farm to receive tons of cocoa beans, then use the extra to make bone meals in the game.

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