Villagers are the friendly mobs in Minecraft who can simulate an entire society, giving players the sense that they are playing in a living world. They reside in villages, roam the land and stick to the job block they are assigned. They are a crucial part of gameplay, allowing players to trade for various useful items.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 most useful villager jobs in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Librarian

Librarian is probably the best villager in the game, due to the fact that they offer enchanted books at a low price. Besides that, players can also get other valuable items like bookshelves, lanterns, glass blocks, clocks, compasses, and even name tags from them. Players can also trade paper to librarian early on to gain emeralds.

Librarian With Lectern In Minecraft
Librarian With Lectern In Minecraft

Buying enchanted books from the librarian is an easy way to skip the grind, allowing players to get enchanted gear fast. Some enchantment can only be found in books. Players can save them by combining multiple books together to create a book with all the enchantments.

Afterward, players can apply multiple enchantments on their equipment with an anvil. This is vastly superior to the enchanting table, as it can only apply enchantment once.

The anvil is a cost-effective way to enchant items.

2. Armorer

The Armorer is likely the most important villager that players should create. They buy coal, iron ingots, lava buckets and diamonds, which are common items that can be easily found. In exchange, they sell pieces of iron armor, a town bell, a shield, and the rare chainmail armor. Players can even get enchanted diamond armors here in the late game.

Armorer With Blast Furnace In Minecraft
Armorer With Blast Furnace In Minecraft

By maxing out the armorer via trading, players can quickly acquire a set of diamond armor from them, removing the need of going around looking for diamond ores.

Chainmail Armor Ingame
This armor offers medium protection, stronger than leather or gold armor, but weaker than iron armor.

Chainmail armor is currently unobtainable through crafting. However, it can be obtained via trading, as a rare drop from zombies and skeletons (albeit very damaged but can be enchanted), or found in chests.

3. Cleric

The cleric is a source of rare magical items in Minecraft. Players can buy redstone dust, lapis lazuli, glowstone and even ender pearl from them. The items they buy are pretty varied - only gold ingots and rotten flesh are easy to acquire for trade. Cleric is an easy source of emerald early on, as rotten flesh is really easy to get from zombies.

Cleric With Brewing Stand In Minecraft
Cleric With Brewing Stand In Minecraft

The ender pearl trade at Expert is probably the most valuable. An ender pearl is an item dropped by Enderman used to teleport and to make an eye of ender. An eye of ender is a craftable item used to locate strongholds and activate the end portals within them. To move to the next dimension, having this item is a must.

Trading With Cleric Villagers Of Expert Level
How to get ender pearls from Minecraft cleric trading

4. Weaponsmith

Weaponsmith are the most valuable villager jobs in Minecraft. If you are doing a speedrun, weaponsmith chests are even better than their trades. You can find obsidian, weapons, and irons in these chests, which can be very useful.

They also buy coal, iron ingots and diamond, similar to toolsmiths. Their sales, however, are much more valuable - players can get enchanted diamond sword and axe from them at max level. Their job block, the grindstone, can be used to repair items and remove enchantments.

Weaponsmith With Grindstone In Minecraft
Weaponsmith With Grindstone In Minecraft

The role of a weaponsmith is similar to armorer - it allows players to get enchanted gear fast. However, as players only need one weapon, the weapon smith is not as important.

5. Farmer

Farmer is the most common job amongst villagers in Minecraft. They buy food from players and offer a variety of food early on. Getting them to Master Level is recommended, as they would offer trades for Golden Carrot (2nd highest saturation in the game) and Glistening Melon Slices, the main ingredient for healing potions.

Farmer With Composter In Minecraft
Farmer With Composter In Minecraft

Being able to get golden carrots at any time is pretty useful. Amongst the top three magical food in the game (enchanted golden apple, golden apple, and golden carrot), the golden carrot is the most efficient. They are cheaper than golden apples - a golden carrot costs 8 gold nuggets, but a golden apple costs 8 gold ingots!

Golden Carrots
Golden Carrots are much better than the other two gold food items, as they can be bought from villagers.

A golden carrot restores 14.4 saturation, the highest of any stackable food currently in the game. Players can either craft them with a carrot farm and a gold farm or outright buy them from farmer villagers in large quantities.

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