After years of waiting, Mojang has finally added the ability to manually change and replace biomes in Minecraft. A new command in Minecraft 1.20 will allow you to move all ambient features, mob spawns, and other items in a biome to any location in game. This unlocks a lot more possibilities, which allows players to make new Minecraft maps and farms.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to change Minecraft biomes using Fillbiome command.

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Fill Biome Command

How to use the Fill Biome Command in Minecraft

Players need to allow cheats on their world in order to use this command. Here’s the syntax for the fill biome command:

/fillbiome [A_Coordinates] [B_Coordinates] [biome_name]

  • [A_Coordinates] is the corner of the area from where you want the biome change to begin.
  • [B_Coordinates] is the location where you want the biome changes to end.
  • [biome_name] is the name of the biome you want to fill the area with.

Both A and B coordinates need to be set in numerical values corresponding to X , Y and Z dimensions (altitude, elevation, and latitude). Once you execute the command, the biome in the entire area between those two points will be replaced with the biome of your choice.


The command below will replace the existing biome between the given coordinates with the void biome in Minecraft.

/fillbiome -12 22 44 -44 -10 -19 minecraft:void

How to get the coordinates

  • First, you need to turn on the coordinates in your world by pressing the “F3” key on your keyboard to bring up the debug overlay.
Coordinates Of A Corner
Coordinates Of A Corner
  • Then go to one corner of the world where you want the new biome to begin and note down that spot’s coordinates. Write down the current coordinates (labeled XYZ, on the left-side informational panel). You can also place a block there to add a visual reminder.
  • Afterward, go to the corner where you want the biome changes to end and note down the coordinates.
Second Corner Coordinates
Second Corner Coordinates
  • Finally, open your in-game chat (by pressing the T key) then type the command in. Based on the current example, the command will be /fillbiome -150 71 936 -122 78 946 minecraft:plains 
  • As soon as you press the Enter key, the command will replace everything between the two coordinates with the new biome.

What are the differences between biomes?

Almost every Minecraft biome has some exclusive features including atmosphere, sky, ambient sounds, and even texture tint. Some Minecraft mobs can only spawn in certain biomes. For example, the desert biome has high temperatures, with Husk and camels being exclusive spawns. With this "fill biome" command, players can even bring Nether biomes to the overworld.

Mushroom Field
Mushroom Field biome

Here are some of the exclusive features that biomes have:

  • Mushroom Fields: No hostile mobs can spawn in this biome
  • End Highlands: Only Endermen spawn in this biome
  • Savanna: The plantation and blocks in this biome have a slight sepia color scheme
  • Crimson Forest (Nether): Known for its fog and reddish particles
  • Void: The biome where no plants, structures, or mobs spawn
  • Badlands: Gold ores spawn the most in this biome

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