Just like other games, Minecraft does not fall short on Easter eggs. Easter eggs are humorous secret features most players would not know about unless they looked for them. In Minecraft, the Easter eggs are often created with something related to real-life, just like the game developers’ names and yearly events such as Christmas. These Easter eggs are usually amusing and would likely entertain any player.

1. The Killer Bunny

The killer bunny is previously known as the killer rabbit of Caerbannog, a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It is a hostile variant of rabbits that attack players, foxes, and wolves.

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The deadly bunny deals a lot of damage.

Its fur is pure white with blood-red eyes that are horizontal, compared to a normal rabbit's vertical eyes. Each attack of the killer bunny deals 8 damage on normal difficulty, which is very dangerous when combined with its high speed.

2. Toast The Bunny

During the development of rabbits, a Reddit user called xyzen420 made a post to the Minecraft subreddit about his girlfriend's lost rabbit named Toast. As a memorial, Ryan Holtz added an easter egg to rabbits in the game.

Toast The Bunny

Naming a rabbit Toast (using either a name tag or a renamed spawn egg) re-textures it to have the appearance of a black dutch, with a large black and white patch, slightly different from a normal rabbit. Overall, Toast behaves like a normal rabbit.

3. Rainbow Sheep

Players can turn a sheep rainbow by renaming it with the name tag "jeb_." This would change the sheeps' wool color continuously, cycling through all the colors possible. This is purely a visual effect; any wool obtained from one of these sheep has the same color as the sheep before it was renamed.

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The rainbow sheep actually looks fairly nice.

An evoker can also change a sheep's wool color if the evoker isn't engaged in combat and /gamerule mobGriefing is set to true.

4. Johnny The Vindicator

This is a reference to the "Here’s Johnny!" scene in The Shining movie. Players can rename a vindicator "Johnny" to turn it into an extremely hostile mob that attacks everything around it, except for other illagers and ghasts.

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Nearly all hostile or neutral mobs will also attack the Johnny Vindicator.

5. Christmas

On December 24–26, chests, large chests, and their trapped chest counterparts have their textures changed to "Christmas chests" that look like wrapped Christmas presents. Since the game uses the date shown on the computer, players can access the Christmas chest textures at any time by changing the date and time on their computers to 24–26 of December.

Chest textures get changed into gift boxes.

6. Halloween

Similar to Christmas, Halloween also features some unique changes in Minecraft. Between October 20 to November 3, bats will spawn more often with a light level of 6 or less instead of the usual 3. On October 31, zombies and skeletons might wear carved pumpkins and jack o’lanterns on their heads.

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Zombies wearing carved pumpkins.

7. Upside-Down Mobs

Players can turn a mob upside down by renaming it "Dinnerbone". All mobs except for the Ender Dragon, the glow squid, and the squid will turn upside down once renamed. This is an easter egg about Nathan 'Dinnerbone' Adams, a technical director at Mojang Studios who worked on Java and Bedrock editions.

Maxresdefault 2
Upside-Down Mobs

8. Joke Languages

There are a lot of languages that players can set in Minecraft, with the Default language being English. However, there are also 5 joke languages available on the language menu: Pirate Speak, LOLCAT, Shakespearean English, Anglish (puristic English), and ɥsᴉlƃuƎ (ɯopᵷuᴉʞ pǝʇᴉu∩) (upside-down English).

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Mirror language in Minecraft

They change all the words written in the game, from the subtitles, mobs, items, and even the menu. For example, in Pirate Speak, torches are called Rod o’ Flames, and the enchantment Depth Strider is called Mermaid Legs. These amusing joke languages make for a pretty good laugh.

9. Illusioner

The Illusioner is an unused hostile illager mob equipped with bows. They were added in Java Edition 1.12 but are only spawnable through /summon. Apparently, Mojang has plans for them to spawn and take part in raids in the future.

Illusioner Minecraft

Illusioners attack players with their bows and spawns illusions/clones of themselves when any player is too close for its bow to be effective. Furthermore, they turn invisible for 60 seconds when using this ability. The illusions can deal damage and are invulnerable - players need to find the real mob to defeat them.

10. Zombie Horse

A zombie horse is an unused variant of the regular horse. Players can add them to the game using the /summon command or with their spawn egg. Zombie horses are green-skinned and their eyes are completely black.

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Zombie Horse is the only passive undead mob.

Unlike other passive mobs, zombie horses slowly regenerate health. Similar to undead mobs, they can be healed using a potion of Harming.

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