Ancient City is going to be the newest structure added to the game as part of the Minecraft 1.19 update. It will be part of the Deep Dark Biome that only spawns in the lowest level of a Minecraft world. Players can find a number of valuable items here, and some of them can't be found anywhere else.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase 8 items players can loot in Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities.

1. Enchanted Golden Apples

Enchanted Golden Apples are the most powerful buff items in Minecraft. It gives the players some of the most useful buffs in the game: Regeneration II for 20 seconds‌, Absorption IV for 2 minutes, Resistance for 5 minutes, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes. You can also feed them to horses to increase your taming chances.

Enchanted Golden Apples
Enchanted Golden Apples are the best food items in Minecraft

While the golden apples are some of the rarest items in Minecraft overworld, it is actually going to be pretty common in the Deep Dark. Players can even find two of them in the same Ancient City chest. These apples would definitely help just in case players have to face the Warden.

2. Swift Sneak enchanted book

Swift Sneak is a boot enchantment that increases your movement speed while crouching. This enchantment can only be applied to boots and no other piece of armors can have it. Furthermore, it is also mutually exclusive with other popular boot enchantments such as Soul Speed, Frost Walker, or Depth Strider.

Swift Sneak
Swift Sneak enchantment

Similar to Soul Speed, Swift Sneak is going to be an exclusive enchantment of the Deep Dark biomes. Players can only find them in the giant creepy structures in the underground ancient cities. There are 3 levels of this enchantment, with the speed boost increasing each level.

3. Disc fragments

Mojang added a new music disc called '5' in the latest snapshot 22w16b. However, players cannot find the disc itself in the game. They need to collect a number of disc fragments then combine them together to obtain the disc.

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Disc fragments

These fragments are only generated in Ancient City chests, making assembling the complete disc a challenge.

4. Echo shards

An echo shard is an item found in ancient cities which can be used to craft recovery compasses. When held by a player, the recovery compass will point towards the spot where they previously died.

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Echo shards

The recovery compass will only work when it is held by a player who has previously died, and is in the same dimension where the player had died. Otherwise, it will spin around randomly. Players need 8 echo shards and a compass to craft a recovery compass.

5. Potions of healing

Besides regeneration, Potions of healing are probably the best way to gain more HP at a moment's notice. These potions can restore up to 4 hearts, which can make or break a hardcore run. Players can also turn them into splash potions to save time.

Minecraft Potion Of Healing 1f36
Potion Of Healing

Health potions can significantly help users survive in the Deep Dark, especially when a Warden is after them. They can be easily found in several chests.

6. Deepslate blocks

Deepslate is a stone type found deep underground in the Overworld that functions similarly to regular stone, but is significantly more difficult to break. They have an unique black color and are great for building bases and the like.

Where And How Can You Obtain Deepslate Blocks
The variants of Deepslate

The breaking time for deepslate is twice the time for stone - players will need either Diamond, Netherite or Gold pickaxe to gather the block faster. Players need Silk Touch to get deepslate - otherwise, they drop as cobbled deepslate. Additionally, deepslate can be crafted into many block variants -from bricks, polished, chiseled, and even reinforced.

7. Sculk Catalyst

The sculk catalyst's role is to spread sculk every time a mob dies close to it. This only works if the mob drop experience on death. The sculk features spawned are usually normal sculk blocks and veins, but you can sometimes find other blocks like sensor or shrieker.

1655215692 Sculk Catalyst Lam Duoc Gi Trong Minecr
Sculk Catalyst


As all types of Sculk blocks drop experience, the sculk catalyst can make your XP farm even more efficient. The strength of the sculk spreading depends on the amount of experience the mob has dropped when it was killed by a player or wolf. Several sculk charges may end up on the same block and merge, up to 1000 XP per block.

8. Diamond Horse Armor

Unlike normal armors, players can only craft leather horse armor. Other horse armor types can only be looted from either chests or generated structures.

Diamond Horse Armor
Diamond Horse Armor in Minecraft

Diamond horse armors spawn in chests in Ancient City, Dungeon, Desert Temple, End City, Jungle Temple, Nether Fortress, Stronghold and Village weaponsmith. Amongst these locations, the best place to find this item is the Ancient City, with a 16.1% chance to spawn.

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