Minecraft's hardcore mode is very challenging - it is the hardest difficulty in the game, with permanent death activated. This means players need to over-prepare for any kind of challenge they face, just in case something unexpected happens.

Potions are the most useful for this purpose. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most useful potions in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

1. Strength

The strength potion is the easiest method of buffing damage, allowing players to mow down dangerous mobs when exploring.

Minecraft PVP
Players can also use this potion in PVP

The best part about the Strength potion is that it is rather easy to craft, with the only requirement being nether wart and blaze powder. Players can create it as soon as they hit the Nether. While nether wart is easy to get, acquiring blaze powder can be tricky as it requires players to kill blazes.

2. Regeneration

It is important to keep your HP high at all times in Hardcore mode, as you can fall to your death at any time. While food is a good way to do this, their regeneration is just not enough sometimes, especially if you are fighting all the time.

Killing ghasts to get the ingredient can be pretty tricky.

It is best to have a few regeneration potions to bolster your HP, which stacks on top of the food bonus. Regeneration potions are a bit harder to craft - players need to get ghast tears for it.

3. Instant health

Besides regeneration, instant health is probably the best way to gain more HP at a moment's notice. These potions can restore up to 4 hearts, which can make or break a hardcore run. Players can also turn them into splash potions to save time.

Glistening melons
Glistening melon slices are actually fairly easy to get.

Compared with the other potions, instant health is actually pretty easy to make. It only requires glistering melons as the main ingredient. Players can easily create this potion in the Overworld by combining a normal slice of melon with 8 gold nuggets.

4. Fire resistance

Death to lava is pretty common in Minecraft hardcore, especially when exploring the Nether. Therefore, bringing a fire resistance potion is pretty much a requirement. By using this potion, players will become completely immune to fire and lava damage.

Nether Fortress On Lava
The Nether is filled to the brim with lava

Furthermore, fire resistance potion is also relatively cheap. Players only need magma cream to craft it, which can be easily looted from magma cubes.

5. Slow falling

Besides lava, fall damage is the other naturally occurring accident that can prematurely end your hardcore run. This is why players need to craft the slow falling potion, which negates all fall damage taken and additionally allows them to fall at a much slower rate.

Phantom Minecraft
Phantoms are actually pretty easy to summon

The main ingredient of slow falling potions is phantom membrane, which can be easily acquired from phantom drops.

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