An enderman is a neutral mob found in all three dimensions. They are a valuable source to farm Ender Pearl, an item needed for igniting the Ender Portal. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft 1.18.

1. How to make an Enderman farm using Pistons

Minecraft Piston
The Piston is an easy way to manipulate mobs in Minecraft

Create a piston trap

This piston trap is a manual build that maximizes the farming speed of players, allowing them to kill each Enderman with one strike. Below is the step by step guide to creating this trap:

  • Dig a 3x3x3 pit in the ground after leveling everything in the surrounding land.
  • Build a 4-block high tower in the center of the pit.
  • Place 1 piston on each side of the tower. Afterward, rig a lever behind a piston with one block in between (at the farthest extent of your reach) and place Redstone in a ring around the pistons.
  • If everything is correctly placed, the pistons should extend and fill every space except the center and create an enclosed 2 block high space.

Operating the trap

It is fairly simple to start farming. Just stand on the pillar with a sword and look at the endermen. They will rush toward the player and fall into the pit. Activate the lever to extend the pistons, then deactivate it a bit afterward. The endermen would have their heads smashed, reducing their HP to half a heart.

Piston traps push endermen into a block so they suffocate.

Afterward, players can just finish them with one strike. It is best to bring gears with a high level of the Looting enchantment. With Looting III, players can get up to 4 Ender Pearl for each Enderman killed.

2. Enderman fall damage trap

This farm uses the fall damage mechanic to reduce the Endermen to half a heart, just enough for one shot kill.

  • Firstly, build a platform in the End at least 128 blocks away from any spawnable block. This way, only Endermen can spawn there.
  • Build another platform for the endermen to tall onto, at least 43 blocks downward. After the fall they would take 19.5 hearts worth of damage, leaving them on half a heart.
  • Place some kind of mechanics that can push the endermen down from the spawning platform: pressure plates, sticky pistons with blocks attached, or a tripwire attached to normal pistons.
  • On the landing platform, create a 2-block high ceiling and lure the endermen to you by looking at them. This way, players should be able to easily kill them without getting touched.

As this farm uses the same manual mechanic as the previous piston farm, players also need a weapon with high level Looting enchantment for efficiency. It is possible to increase the spawning rate by building multiple spawning pads that lead to one spot.

enderman farm Minecraft
Fall damage is the easiest killing mechanic in enderman farm Minecraft.

It is possible to get to level 30 in minutes from the experience gained with this farm. Players can kill endermen with TNT and a Flame enchanted bow if they don't want to manually hit every single mob, however, that would yield less Ender Pearl.

3. How to make an Enderman farm using Endermite

Endermites are the smallest hostile mob. They emit purple 'portal' particles and spawn when a player throws an ender pearl. Endermen aggro at endermites, which make them useful for creating enderman traps.

Minecraft Endermite
Endermite is an easy way to create enderman exp farm

The Endermite lure trap uses the same principle as the fall damage trap, with the addition of the endermite. This is one of the most efficient enderman farms, requiring only blocks, a name tag, and a minecart.

  • Build a 64-block spawn platform.
  • Name the endermite and trapping it in a minecart to create a permanent lure. All enderman that spawn within 64 blocks would attack it.
  • Create a hole around the trap so that the lured endermen would fall down.
  • Build a farming platform at least 43 blocks below the spawn platform. Afterward, players only need to wait at the bottom to finish them off.

4. Tips and tricks when building an Enderman XP farm

As farming Enderman normally is fairly slow and dangerous (they hit hard, have decent HP, come in groups and can teleport, knowing how to create an Enderman farm is vital.

  • Endermen farms should be created in either the End or Warped Forests for a higher spawn rate. As they get aggro just by looking at the player, luring them around is actually pretty easy.
  • It is best to wear a carved pumpkin when building the farm in order to avoid getting aggro-ed by the Endermen.
  • A sword with the sweeping edge enchantment would increase the farming rate by a lot.
  • If players don't want to repair their sword, get the mending enchantment or just punch the mob with their fist.

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