Wheat in Minecraft is one of the staple foods players cannot survive without besides carrots, beetroots, potatoes, and more. Mainly grown from seeds obtained from grass, wheat has some special uses that not every player would know of.

Below are top 5 things about wheat in Minecraft you may have not known.

1. Can be dropped by foxes

While in-game animals usually drop their corresponding meat, such as pigs dropping pork chops, cows dropping raw beef and milk, foxes seem to have a very unconventional drop that has no relation to its nature.

Foxes in Minecraft spawn holding different items in their mouths and crop is one of these goods. They can drop the crop when you give another item to them. In fact, you can also kill the foxes to get the crop.

Minecraft Fox
Foxes can drop berries, apples, and even crops.

For those unknown, the crop is not dropped by any other Minecraft mob, even the farmer villagers.

2. Make haybales

In fact, this is quite a universal use of the wheat that every player should have known about. It is among the first crops that you can farm as it takes little effort to grow.

You just need a hoe to till some grass blocks and sow seeds for the crop to seed. It also requires sunlight and a source of water to grow more quickly. Once they are grown, you can just harvest them by breaking them.

You can use wheat to make haybales in Minecratft.

Apart from making haybales, bread, and breeding farm mobs, wheat in Minecraft actually has even more special uses.

3. Reduce horse's temper

It can be hard to tame wild horses sometimes. You usually ride them after a while to conquer their temper. However, there are tricks to befriend a horse faster and one of these methods is feeding them some wheat.

How To Ride A Horse In Minecraft 1
To tame and ride a horse, you can use wheat to ease it temper a lot faster.

Essentially, it reduces the horse’s temper by 3 percent every time you feed them. This means you will have a higher chance of taming this mob.

4. Craft cookies

A lot of users know how to make cakes using crops, but they may not know that wheat can also be used in cookie recipes. As players mostly focus on survival, they seem to rarely make cookies as they may not be the best items.

Cookie Minecraft
You can craft cookies with one cocoa bean and two wheat.

Although Minecraft cookies can only gain one hunger bar, they are great items to utilize in a composter to create a bone meal.

5. Increase compost level

Last but not least, one of the least uses of wheat in Minecraft is boosting the level of a composter by 65 percent. A composter block is what players can use to craft bone meals from natural biological items.

Minecraft Compost
Multiple items, consisting of wheat, can put thrown in the composter to create a bone meal and use on crops.

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