Sweet berries Minecraft were added in update 1.14 and they have become one of the most valuable in-game items ever since.

This burgundy fruit is not just useful to players but can also help some mobs in their development and survival. Why is it a great item to have in bulk, you may ask.

Check out the best uses you can make out of sweet berries!

Sweet Berry Bush
Here's what you can use berries in Minecraft for.


As the bush in Minecraft can grow endless berries, you may find this fruit a great good to farm. Farming and harvesting sweet berry Minecraft will assist you in a lot of purposes. You will have food to consume and survive while also breeding animals and trading for high valued items.

There are various ways to build a sweet berry farm Minecraft and you can take inspiration from many torchbearers on Youtube.

Sweet Berries Minecraft
Building a sweet berry farm will help you a lot in the game.


Another best sweet berries Minecraft use is you can utilize it to protect your home from other mobs, players, any other entities.

Although it seems to be fragile, you can still manage to make this berry a good means of protection if you know how to place it strategically around the base.

Sweet Berry Protection
Do you know sweet berries can attack enemies too?

Food source

Sweet berries are not too appreciated when it comes to the strength to defend one’s house in Minecraft, and sadly they are not amongst the strongest food either.

A single berry can restore two hunger points and does not have a lot of saturation. However, if you stock up a bid deal on these fruits, they can aid you quite considerably.

Sweet Berry Use
Although sweet berries Minecraft provide little health points, they are still worth farming.

Breeding foxes

Although you cannot tame foxes like other animals like Minecraft cats or llamas, they can be bred. Players only need to feed a sweet berry to a mature fox and a baby fox will spawn as their offspring. The little fox is also very friendly towards the players.

Apart from that, you can as well use sweet berries to reduce the needed time for the baby fox to fully grow.

Minecraft Fox
You can breed your foxes with these red berries.


The best use for Minecraft berry is trading. A master-level butcher in the game will agree to trade 1 emerald for 10 sweet berries.

Butcher Village
Emeralds in Minecraft are very important and with berries, we have one of the best methods to get emeralds for further works.

It is no doubt an exceptional deal considering how berries are easy to farm and collect in bulk.

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