End Cities are special structures that spawn in the End. They are populated by Shulkers (whose shells can be used for shulker boxes) and are the only place where you can get an Elytra in Minecraft. Overall, End City is one of the hardest zones in the game, as you need to beat the Ender Dragon to get access to it. In this article, we will show you how to conquer the End Cities in Minecraft.

1. How to find End Cities in Minecraft

Even after the arrival of Ancient cities in Minecraft, the End cities are still one of the best structures to loot in the game.

Method 1: Explore and Find End City

First, just go to the End dimension via the Minecraft End portal, which spawns in a stronghold. Players will need 12 Eyes of Enders to activate it. Then, you need to kill the Ender Dragon (if you haven't already done so).

End Portal With 12 Eyes Of Ender
End Portal With 12 Eyes Of Ender

Once the dragon is dead, you need to search for End gateway portals. They are small floating structures made of Bedrock with a small portal in the middle.

End Gateway Portal
End Gateway Portal

Throw an Ender pearl into the small portal. You will be teleported to the outskirts of the End dimension. Here, you have to build bridges between floating islands until you find the End cities. Just skip the smaller islands as they don't have anything worth checking out.

Outskirts Of The End Dimension
Outskirts Of The End Dimension

Method 2: Use Command to Find End City

If you want to skip the exploration and don’t mind using cheats, follow the steps below to find and reach the End city in Minecraft using console commands.

First, turn on the cheats in your Minecraft world. You will find the “Allow Cheats” option in the LAN World settings on the Java edition and the “Activate Cheats” toggle in world settings on Minecraft Bedrock edition.

Allow Cheats In Minecraft
Allow Cheats In Minecraft

Afterward, go to the End dimension similar to method 1. Just use the following command to find the coordinates of the closest End City:

/locate structure minecraft:end_city (on 1.19 & higher)

/locate minecraft:end_city (on older editions)

Coordinates Of The Closest End City
Coordinates Of The Closest End City

Finally, players can either teleport or manually travel to those coordinates.

Method 3: Use Minecraft End City Finder

The last and final way to locate End cities is by using a third-party tool. Follow these steps to use the End city finder tool to easily locate the End city in Minecraft:

First, you need to find the seed code of your Minecraft world. If you play Java, use /seed command to display your world seed. Meanwhile, on the Bedrock edition, you can find your seed code under the world settings in the pause menu.

Result Of Seed Command
Result Of Seed Command

After that, open your favorite internet browser on Windows and navigate to Chunkbase’s End city finder tool. Here, input your world seed code in the “seed” column and select your game’s edition and version from the dropdown list.

End City Finder
End City Finder

Then, go to the End City map on the same page and hover over the black dots. Each dot represents a different End city. While you are hovering over it, the coordinates for that particular End city will appear on the bottom left corner of the map. Use these coordinates to then navigate to the End City location in-game or teleport to it.

Use End City Finder
Use End City Finder

2. How to conquer End Cities in Minecraft


End Cities are really dangerous, as it is populated with hordes of highly damaging Shulkers and Endermen. You need diamond tier gears and a range weapon to deal with the shulkers. Furthermore, remember to bring highly nutritious food and healing items, as the journey might take a while. A crafting table can be useful as well, in order to make shulker boxes along the way

End City
The inside of an End City


While the End Cities are dangerous, conquering them is actually quite easy, as there are only Shulkers and Endermens inhabited these islands. As long as you know how to deal with these critters, it would be easy.

Shulkers are invulnerable when closed. Whenever you see a Shulker, just wait until it opens then hit it repeatedly with a sword or shoot it with a bow. Against Endermens, you can either use a carved pumpkin head to ignore them... or melee them using weapons. Don't try to shoot them with arrows, as they can dodge all projectiles.

If you got hit by the Shulkers and get inflicted with Levitating, just use a Slow Falling potion or Enderpearl to get out. It is best to find an Elytra first to ignore this problem altogether.

Shulker in Minecraft

3. How To Find An Ancient City In Minecraft

Discovering the Ancient City in Minecraft can be complex, yet the treasures it holds make the journey worthwhile. Added in the Wild Update for version 1.19, players eagerly seek this elusive city for its valuable loot.

Ancient City Secret Redstone Room
Ancient City

Understanding how to prepare for and explore the Ancient City is crucial due to potential dangers. Unlike mapped destinations like Strongholds or Woodland Mansions, finding the Ancient City relies on recognizing specific indicators within the Deep Dark Biome, such as Sculk elements.

These cities are typically situated around the 50th layer underground, often beneath mountains. Mining at this level while looking for Sculk blocks helps locate them, but they won’t be found under rivers, oceans, or swamps. Utilizing coordinates helps ensure you're still within mountainous regions during exploration.

Sculk Sensor Minecraft
Sculk Sensor

An Ancient City's markers include Sculk features, Soul lanterns, Dark Oak structures, and notably, a monumental Warden Deepslate statue, an altar with candles, and an inactive portal.

Using Ancient City Finder

There are alternative methods for discovering the Ancient City that some players opt for to bypass the search. Two common approaches exist:

  1. Using Cheats: Employing cheat codes simplifies the process. Typing "/locate structure minecraft:ancient_city" in the command section reveals the coordinates to an Ancient City. Alternatively, cheats can facilitate teleportation, significantly reducing the effort required.
  2. Using Chunkbase: With knowledge of your world's seed, Chunkbase provides a dedicated tool to locate Ancient Cities. By inputting the "Minecraft" version and your seed number, the tool displays the closest City locations.

Exploring an Ancient City

Navigating the Ancient City involves being mindful of potential fall damage, especially if you inadvertently descend through its roof while mining. Equipping Elytra can mitigate this risk. Additionally, stocking up on essentials like food, water, armor, and various tools proves advantageous in the Deep Dark Biome and Ancient Cities.

Crucially, while exploring these Cities, avoiding any disturbance to the Warden is paramount. Silence is key to accessing loot without triggering Sculk Shriekers or Sculk Sensors that alert the Warden. Defeating the formidable Warden is possible but challenging; hence, fleeing upon encountering it is advisable.

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