End Cities are special structures that spawn in the End. They are populated by Shulkers (whose shells can be used for shulker boxes) and are the only place where you can get an Elytra in Minecraft. Overall, End City is one of the hardest zones in the game, as you need to beat the Ender Dragon to get access to it. In this article, we will show you how to conquer the End Cities in Minecraft.

1 - How to find End Cities in Minecraft

To reach the location of End Cities in Minecraft, you need to go to the Outer End Islands by beating the Ender Dragon or building a 1000-block bride. Then, look for the biome where chorus trees grow. That's probably the End Cities you desire to find.

Get to the Outer End Islands

Before finding an end city, you must go to the outer End islands. End cities are on the outer End islands, 1000 blocks away from the central End island (where the End Dragon is located). To get to those islands, players can either build a 1,000 block long bridge or defeat the Ender Dragon to get access to a gateway.

End Ship
The End Ship next to an End City is where you can find an Elytra

Below are the useful things you need to know when exploring the Outer End.

  • When moving across the islands, use sneaking or ender pearls teleport to avoid falling into the void. Just kill Endermen to get more pearls.
  • Save the coordinates of your end gateway portal so that you don't get lost.
  • Once you arrive at the outer islands, start a map so you can see which islands you have already explored.
  • Combine a compass with the map to show your current location.

Locate End Cities

They always generate on the large islands, where chorus trees grow. Furthermore, they usually spawn in flat areas such as in "midlands" or "highlands" biomes on the larger islands. Just try to find those biomes for end cities.

2 - How to conquer End Cities in Minecraft


End Cities are really dangerous, as it is populated with hordes of highly damaging Shulkers and Endermen. You need diamond tier gears and a range weapon to deal with the shulkers. Furthermore, remember to bring highly nutritious food and healing items, as the journey might take a while. A crafting table can be useful as well, in order to make shulker boxes along the way

End City
The inside of an End City


While the End Cities are dangerous, conquering them is actually quite easy, as there are only Shulkers and Endermens inhabited these islands. As long as you know how to deal with these critters, it would be easy.

Shulkers are invulnerable when closed. Whenever you see a Shulker, just wait until it opens then hit it repeatedly with a sword or shoot it with a bow. Against Endermens, you can either use a carved pumpkin head to ignore them... or melee them using weapons. Don't try to shoot them with arrows, as they can dodge all projectiles.

If you got hit by the Shulkers and get inflicted with Levitating, just use a Slow Falling potion or Enderpearl to get out. It is best to find an Elytra first to ignore this problem altogether.

Shulker in Minecraft

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