Minecraft is a vast game with a lot of items for players to interact with. Some of them can be found anywhere, while others are hidden deep within various parts of the world. Ancient Debris is amongst the rarest and most useful ore to find in Minecraft. They allow you to craft Netherite gears, the strongest type of gears in the game. In this article, we are going to showcase the best biomes to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft.

1. Nether Wastes

The Nether Wastes is a barren biome composed of mostly netherrack. It is the most common biome you can find within the Nether realms, and netherrack is probably the easiest block to mine in the game. Because of these two aspects, blasting through sections of the nether wastes to get Ancient Debris is super easy.

Nether Wastes
Nether Wastes in Minecraft

Players can also look for Ancient Debris inside bastion remnants, a structure commonly spawn in the Nether Wastes. Blobs of nether quartz, nether gold ore, and blackstone also generate here in large numbers, while gravel and soul sand are found among its coastlines.

2. Warped Forest

The warped forest is a biome found in the Nether. It is a relatively safe biome because no hostile mobs spawn there naturally. Without the mobs, players can go absolutely wild with their mining to get Ancient Debris from the ground.

The floor of the biome is composed mostly of warped nylium, with some netherrack and warped wart blocks generating on the surface. They are easily breakable which increases mining speed.

Warped Forest
Warped Forest in Minecraft

3. Crimson Forest

The crimson forest is fairly similar to the warped version, however, it is much more dangerous. Piglins are also found here along with their occasional undead counterparts. Furthermore, herds of hoglins commonly spawn throughout the forest.

The forest floor is mostly covered with crimson nylium, with some netherrack and nether wart blocks generating on the surface. This is a good biome for finding Ancient Debris, as there are fortresses and bastions spread throughout.

Crimson Forest
Crimson Forest in Minecraft

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4. Soul Sand Valley

A soul sand valley is a dry biome located in the Nether. It is formed of large caverns with nether fossils and different blocks, mainly including soul sand and soul soil. The most annoying aspect of this biome is the soul sand, which slow players down by 50%.

Caverns, fortresses and even bastions can also be found in the soul sand valley. They are the main locations for Ancient Debris to spawn.

Soul Sand Valley
Soul Sand Valley in Minecraft

5. Basalt Deltas

While Basalt Deltas do not have the annoying slow effect, it has much more dangerous terrain generations. Both the environment and mobs are going against players, with jagged terrain, random deep lava holes, ghasts and magma cubes. They often jump from above and are amphibious in lava and can pose a threat to players wearing high tier armor.

This biome is made up of Warped Nylium and Netherrack blocks, which are easily breakable. It is very hard to find Ancient Debris here, but they do exist.

Basalt Deltas
Basalt Deltas in Minecraft

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