Highblock Halls is a normal mission in Minecraft that has a secret level. You need some tips and tricks to unlock the secret mission and level in this Minecraft mission. This secret room has a lot of precious loots. Check out this guide for Minecraft Dungeons Highblock halls secret level here.

Secret Level In Highblock Halls
Go to find Secret Level In Highblock Halls now!

I. Where Is The Secret Level In Highblock Halls?

Underhalls is one of Minecraft Dungeons all secret levels on the mainland and Jungle Island. It's accessible from Highblock Halls.

Follow these steps on how to unlock Minecraft Dungeons secret levels in Highblock Halls.

  • Clear all story missions before the Highblock Halls missions, such as Pumpkin Pasture, Desert Temple, Soggy Swamp, and Fiery Forge to unlock this normal mission.
  • Find the Highblock Halls on the map and enter the hall. You should select the lowest difficulty level to find the map quickly.
  • Go through the main hall of the Highblock Halls mission.
  • Search the shield between stairs. Minecraft Dungeons Highblock halls secret level is hidden behind the Blue Shield under these stairs. After activation, a secret entrance to the targeted level is unlocked.
  • Step into the secret level.

That's how to get into the secret room in Highblock Halls. It looks like the Creepy Crypt with a dark appearance. You can find many chests and a new location map in this secret room.

Don't miss this secret room in Minecraft Highblock Halls and the collectible item there. Be prepared before entering this dark secret room because it may have ambush areas with booby traps.

The Hall Entrance
You can find the secret hall's entrance under big stairs in Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls.

II. Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls Secret Level Drops

The Underhalls secret room in Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls has many unique drops for players to loot, including weapons, armors, and artifacts. Here are all possible drops in Underhalls that make this secret room more attractive to players.

#1. Weapons

There are many weapons you can collect from loot chests in the Underhalls. Check out all dungeon weapon drops in Underhalls below:

Great Hammer Elite Power Bow Spear
Power Bow Hammer of Gravity Whispering Spear
Stormlander Flail Sabrewing
Mace Exploding Crossbow Firebolt Thrower

These weapons are often great and rare. You can use them for many purposes in this game and bring them to clear other dungeons for more loots.

Underhall Drops
Underhalls' drops include many useful weapons, armors, and artifacts for players to loot.

#2. Armors

Apart from weapons, Minecraft players can also loot armor items for better DEF ability during combat. There are four possible armor drops in the Underhalls, including Soul Robe, Souldancer Robe, Dark Armor, and Titan's Shroud.

They also make your characters look better because these armors have unique skins. Then, your character will become stronger to explore more secrets in other Minecraft Dungeons. These armor drops are also among the rarest items in Minecraft.

Titans Shroud
Titan's Shroud is one of some armor drops in the secret room in Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls.

#3. Artifacts

Artifacts are also attractive drops from the Underhalls secret room in Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls. Fireworks Arrow, Totem of Shielding, Iron Hide Amulet, and Love Medallion are four main artifact drops in this room. These artifacts are very useful in Minecraft.

For example, you can create an explosion with the Fireworks Arrow. Besides, the Totem of Shielding gives players health effects and the Iron Hide Amulet boosts their defense ability. Love Medallion is an excellent offensive item for combat and mob encountering.

Iron Hide Amulet
Iron Hide Amulet is one of the rarest dungeon artifacts that can be found in Underhalls.

III. Q&A About Highblock Halls' Secret Level

To understand more about Minecraft Dungeons Highblock halls secret level, go to find the answers to these questions about Underhalls.

1. How Many Secrets Are In Highblock Halls?

Highblock halls mission has only one secret room and four loot chests. Remember to find the big stairs and interact with the Blue Shield at the bottom of these stairs to enter the secret room.

2. Where is the key Golem in Underhalls?

The key Golem will spawn in one end of this dungeon. You need to go through a gate to get it. But the gate is blocked by an ambush. Players have to defeat these enemies to open the gate and get the chest with this secret key.

Key Golem
Defeat enemies to lower the gate and get the key Golem at the end of the dungeon.

That's how to unlock Minecraft Dungeons Highblock halls secret level and explore this secret room. You will get a lot of attractive items from this secret room.

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