Minecraft Dungeons, the story-based spinoff RPG of Minecraft, has a lot of unique features that the main game does not have. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 features in Minecraft Dungeons that should be added to Minecraft.

1 - New bosses

The roster of bosses you can find in Minecraft is abysmally poor. There are only 2 bosses in the game, the Ender Dragon and the Wither, both have been beaten to hell and back. No one is even afraid of them anymore. Even the mobs in Minecraft Dungeons are more interesting.

Because of this, adding some of the bosses from Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft might be a good idea. In Dungeons, players can fight the Redstone Monstrosity, a humongous golem made from stone and Redstone, which make Minecraft's iron golems look like cardboard in comparison. There are also bosses that rely on magic and summon like the Nameless One or Wretched Wraith as well.

Bosses are one of the most notable features in Minecraft Dungeons.

2 - Bouncing pads

These bouncing pads look somewhat like the piston block from normal Minecraft. Players can encounter these platforms in one of Dungeons' level while running across the rooftop of a castle. They can then use them to bounce between turrets and battlements.

Minecraft could definitely use some of these blocks, as its potential for traps, construction and mayhem is incredible.

Bouncing pads
Bouncing pads in Minecraft Dungeons

3 - More texture for normal blocks

Having more variants of a block is always nice, as it gives your construction a realistic feeling. However, most blocks in Minecraft are monotonous and identical, making mining and building a rather boring task.

Minecraft Dungeons has a lot more variants in comparison: there are rock/dirt mixtures, patchy grass, swampy reeds, and even stone blocks with a dusting of sand. These blocks don't have any special qualities or unique interaction - they are just there for aesthetics, and that's what normal Minecraft sorely need.

Dirt blocks look different based on the biome you get them in.

4 - More pets

In Minecraft, you can only tame a wolf to fight alongside you and that's about it. In Minecraft Dungeons, however, you get access to an array of companions, from the usual wolf and iron golems to bat, snow fox, llama, bee and more.

The best part is that these mobs also have their own special and unique abilities. They actually aid you in battle and don't just stand around looking pretty. Having the ability to tame more pets in Minecraft would be great.

Pets in Minecraft Dungeon

5 - Unique weapons

There are a lot of unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, each with its own powerful ability. Having them in normal Minecraft would definitely make the gameplay more exciting than just the usual "spamming the attack button".

For example, there's a bow named Pink Scoundrel that can make a mob fight other mobs, or a Cursed Axe that can make defeated mobs explode. This enables new strategies and approaches to combat.

Unique items
Unique items are one of the best features in Minecraft Dungeons.

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