Minecraft creepypastas are horror-related legends that have been shared around the community. These stories often involve gruesome tales of murder, suicide, oddly events that happen in Minecraft. There have been quite a lot of Minecraft creepypasta stories circulating the internet. While most (if not all) of them are made-up stories to scare other players, these stories are also quite interesting.

In this article, we will show a list of the top 5 most popular Minecraft Creepypasta stories. You can also find here the guide to install Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE.

Top 5 best Minecraft creepypasta stories

1. Herobrine

Minecraft Herobrine is no doubt the most iconic creepypasta character in the entire gaming community. According to his original copypasta, Herobrine creates random constructions, such as sand pyramids in oceans and long 2×2 tunnels. When the story was first posted, everyone thought it was really and scared the hell out of it.

Herobrine Mystery
This mystery character is only available in the mods of Minecraft PE.

In 2014, a YouTuber user named AlongCameJosh created a video where he caught Herobrine on the video. The video was created for entertainment purposes only but it has gone viral and spice up the whole Herobrin creepypasta among Minecraft players once again.

In fact, the Herobrine creepypasta seed was circulated on the Internet but there is no Herobrine in that seed. Till now, players are still experimenting different ways to become a Herobrine in Minecraft but the results vary.

2. Entity 303

Entity 303 is a Minecraft creepypasta character created by user thespeed179 in December 2013. He posted a documentary video about his encounter with a mysterious player called Entity 303. He has confirmed multiple times that Entity 303 is not a real thing but it doesn't stop people from spreading the story.

Entity 303 Minecraft
Entity 303 is a group of hackers who want to destroy Minecraft.

According to the creepypasta, Entity 303 is a group of Mojang former employees. They were fired by Notch, the creator of Minecraft, so they set out a goal to destroy Minecraft.

3. Null

On the journey of looking for the legendary Herobrine character, one Minecraft player has found another thing that is even far more spooky, Null. AlongCameJosh, a popular Minecraft content creator, released a video where he saw Null and the video went viral. He claimed to see a player who act like Herobrine but all in black with no detail.

Null Minecraft
The mysterious Null character in Minecraft.

He then found out random signs in his world that he didn't put on. One of the signs says:

Help! Null is here! Tell everyone about me!

When he turns around, Herobrine was right behind him and started writing in chat:

I need help. Do you remember playing during the Golden Age of Minecraft? Do you remember the man, the one who is as black as night itself? Do not take this monster lightly. I am trapped. You can blame him. I am feared upon being a very evil entity. But, I'm not. That man you've seen before? He is different. He is evil.

4. Green Steve

The Green Steve Minecraft creepypasta is another story where they found out that they were not alone in their Minecraft world. The author broke a blue block in a desert temple and jump down the hole. He hit a block that sets off the TNT but it didn't explode. Then, a character who looks like Steve but in all green jumped down the hole and hit him. He was teleported to a room made of bedrock filled with creepers.

Green Steve Minecraft
The mysterious character looked like Steve but in all green.

The author was too scared so he quit the game and returned the next day. When he returned he was in a forest and not the creeper room. The chat then appears a message from Green Steve that says:

I am coming

After a while, he found the house he built and went in. After he entered the house, Green Steve appeared out of nowhere behind him. Green Steve then blew up the players after poping up a message in the chat:

Hello, brother.

5. Mysterious 1241

A player named Jack shared his experience with a mysterious character called "1241" on his Single player server. He was looking for obsidian to get to the Nether. When he gets back to his home, his house changed. It was previously made with wood and cobblestone but the wood has turned into netherrack and the cobblestone turned into nether brick blocks. His house was empty and there was only a shulker box with a written book. The author was called ".". He thought his friend pranked him but he was offline.

A few minutes later, a player named 1241 joined the server. While Jack was trying to remove the unwanted guest from his server, his PC crashed. When he entered his server again, he was teleported on top of the nether and he could see a figure staring at him from afar. He then took a screenshot, quit the game, and deleted the server.

1241 Sighting Minecraft
The player was teleported on top of the Nether.

How to get Minecraft creepypasta mod

Since these creepypasta characters are not real, there are no actual Minecraft creepypasta seeds but you can find Minecraft Creepypasta mod.

Minecraft creepypastas are a big part of the Minecraft community and many players would love to see them in the game. The good news is that you can actually do that thanks to the mod made by players in the Minecraft community.

Follow the steps below to download and install Minecraft Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE:

  • Download the Minecraft Creepypasta mod from FMCPE.
  • Find and open .mcpack or .mcworld files and open it to import it to your Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and start a new world.
  • Find the Add-ons section and choose the one you want to apply.

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