Minecraft singleplayer mode's lack of a story is its crucial weakness. If players already beat the game more than once, there's hardly anything new to see anymore. This goes double in multiplayer, as there is hardly anything to do. However, mods and maps can help you with that problem.

In this article, we are going to list the top 5 best adventure maps for Minecraft multiplayer. Playing Adventure maps in single player mode is a pretty good idea as well.

1. Under Olympus

Under Olympus is a story driven adventure map. Players steps into the shoes of an engineer who has been in hibernation for 8 months on the journey to Mars. However, during the trip, problems arise - players need to repair all the malfunctioning systems and get the Olympus base fully operational again.

Under Olympus
Under Olympus map in Minecraft

Players and their friends will deal with this problem by completing different types of puzzles with increasing difficulties. The base itself is not a safe place, of course - there are dangerous entities running around the map and players need to avoid them. Furthermore, there are custom textures, 3D models and music, alongside an immersive dialogue system.

2. The Abandoned Temple Mystery

Exploring an abandoned temple is a common thing to do in movies and video games, and there are plenty of abandoned desert pyramids/temples in Minecraft. However, most of them are too small to pose any real challenge. The Abandoned Temple mystery map deals with that issue by adding a massive temple complex that players can explore with their friends in multiplayer.

The Abandoned Temple Mystery
The Abandoned Temple Mystery map in Minecraft

The temple contains many books and loads of treasure, all waiting to be discovered. It is also filled with puzzles and traps, which need to be solved to progress. If players get through at least six levels, they will be awarded a bonus level at the end.

3. Machine for Piglins

This is a horror map that was based on the popular game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Players step into the shoes of an Inspector who was sent to a villager near an illager mansion. The main quest is to investigate the mysterious mansion and find out everything related to "Machine for Piglins", which is the source of the corrupted piglin horde.

Machine for Piglins
Machine for Piglins map in Minecraft

Players need to avoid deadly illagers on their quest. The map supports multiplayer and comes with puzzles, death runs, parkour mechanics. It is amongst the best horror adventure maps for Minecraft multiplayer.

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4. Library of Babble

Library of Babble or Gallery of Thoughts is a vast art gallery that was abandoned after its owner disappear without a trace one day. Up to five players can explore the mystery of the gallery and solve its puzzles.

Library of Babble
Library of Babble map in Minecraft

Players can take their time to read all the signs and stories in the place or get to the goal as soon as possible. Just be careful, as something else is also in the library. Avoiding the monsters while doing puzzles would require a lot of cooperation and can result in a lot of fun interactions amongst players.

5. The Outbreak 2

Outbreak 2 is the sequel to the popular Minecraft adventure map series, Outbreak. It takes place in the first-ever city to be affected by the Outbreak, Amiro. Up to 8 players can explore this map to discover long-lost secrets and dive deeper into the story of how the world fell apart and how the infected took over.

The Outbreak 2
The Outbreak 2 map in Minecraft

Find loot containers to scavenge food & weapons as you navigate your way through the derelict city. You will need them to fight off the Infected and other threats you may cross on your journey. Overall, this is amongst the best adventure maps for Minecraft Multiplayer if you want a well-designed open world.

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