Minecraft 1.18 Caves And Cliffs part 2 is coming out very soon, and along with it, a set of 4 new advancements. In this article, we are going to list out all new advancements in Minecraft 1.18 update and how to complete them.

1. Caves & Cliffs

Requirements: To unlock this advancement, players need to fall from the top of the Overworld to the bottom... and survive.

While this might sound easy, the process is actually pretty tedious. Cave and Cliffs part 2 update in Minecraft 1.18 expands the Minecraft world's vertical dimension, in order to accommodate a lot of the new biomes.

The Y-axis is going to increase by 64 blocks in both directions, creating a total vertical building range of 384 blocks, up from 256 blocks. In terms of the in-game coordinates, that’s from y-64 to y320. This means you have to build a tower to the highest coordinate possible (y320) and dig a hole to the lowest depth possible (y-64) next to it. Afterward, jump from the top of the tower into the hole. Place a few blocks of water at the bottom to cushion your fall

Caves & Cliffs
Caves & Cliffs Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

2. Feels like home

Requirements: This advancement is unlocked when a player rides a strider on lava for fifty blocks in the Overworld.

Firstly, players need to catch a strider and put a saddle on it. Afterward, get a warped fungus on a stick (fishing rod + warped fungus) to lead it around. Ride it back to the Overworld. Unlike piglins and hoglins, striders can exist safely in the Overworld, as long as they are kept away from water and rain. They take damage upon contact with water.

Afterward, players need to get at least 50 blocks of lava. As they do not spawn as blocks, players can either bring lava over from the Nether using a cauldron or find a lava vein above ground. Place them in a line then ride over it with a strider.

Feels like home
Feels like home Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

3. Sound of Music

Requirements: To get this advancement, players will have to play music in a meadow biome using a jukebox.

One of the newest addition in 1.18 Minecraft is the Mountain Meadows biome. Players need to explore the mountain biomes to find them - they are covered in flowers of multiple colors. Afterward, craft a jukebox with one diamond and 8 planks and play any music disc in Minecraft.

The latter part of acquiring a music disc is the most tricky. Players need to either loot them randomly in dungeons or woodland mansions... or kill creepers using a stray arrow from skeletons. Both of these methods are luck based and therefore very annoying to do.

Sound of Music
Sound of Music Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

4. Star Trader

Requirements: Players will have to trade while standing at the build height limit.

Similar to the Caves and Cliffs, players have to build a tall tower to the build height limit. Afterward, they need to lure a villager to the top of the tower. To do this, you can either use a minecart to carry a normal villager or lure a zombie to the top then cure it.

Finally, place any trade block before the villager to turn it into a trader. Trade with the villager to complete the advancement.

Star Trader
Star Trader Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

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