For many veteran Minecraft players, the survival mode has become far too easy for them so they start to seek out more challenges with different mods. At first, it was the Skyblock map, and then people started to get even more extreme and create the Minecraft One Block, a.k.a Minecraft One Block Skyblock map. There is only exactly one block on this map and you start the game standing on it. Sound challenging enough for you?

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about Minecraft One Block Skyblock, how to download and install, servers, and how to play.

Minecraft One Block
The Minecraft One Block mode is a really fun mode for players who like challenges.

1. Minecraft One Block Download

Follow these steps below to download and install the Minecraft One Block map on Minecraft Java Edition:

  • Download Minecraft One Block 1.17.1 from Planet Minecraft and extract it.
  • Press Window+R on your computer and then %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/ and Enter. This will open your saves folder.
  • Copy your downloaded map into the saves folder.
  • Open Minecraft and select the map to play.

2. How to play Minecraft One Block

It is true that you cannot do anything with only one block so the map has a small twist. You can mine the block indefinitely. It will give you basic materials at first then you will get better blocks the more you mine them such as chests and new mobs.

The One Block map has a total of 10 phases: The Plains, The Underground, Icy Tundra, Ocean, Jungle Dungeon, Red Desert, The Nether, Idyll, Desolate Land, The End. Each phase will have a different theme and a different set of blocks, items, and mobs accordingly.

Minecraft One Block
After 10 phases, the end portal will appear underneath the infinite block.

After 10 phases there will be a Nether Portal appearing below the initial block and that block will enter the Afterphases. You can mine it forever and it will drop random blocks from previous phases.

The key to surviving in Minecraft One Block is planning. You pretty much cannot control what you are going to get so you need to be careful. Minecraft One Block survival might be not too hard for some Minecraft experts, but new players might find it difficult.

Check out Minecraft One Block survival tips below to get an advantage before entering the game.

1. Create a secured standing place

First, you need to create a solid platform around you using dirt blocks. You need this platform so items can spawn safely without falling into the void. Also, you will less likely to slip and fall.

Minecraft One Block 1
Accidentally falling into nothingness is pretty common when playing Minecraft One Block mode.

2. Create buildings using Wooden Slabs

You need to make tools as soon as possible to expand your world. When you build a shelter, make sure you use Wooden Slabs because they don't burn and save you a lot of hassle.

3. Milk Mooshrooms for food

Milking Mooshrooms will give you a good source of food for your hunger problem. Mooshrooms are basically cows covered in mushrooms. Milking them will give you mushroom stew, which restores 6 hunger.

Mooshrooms Minecraft
You can milk Mooshrooms to get mushroom stew for your hunger problem.

4. Keep all the blocks and don't throw away anything

Sometimes, you get too many of the same blocks such as mobs, villagers,... and feel like they are abundant but don't throw them away. They won't be available anymore once you reach the next phase.

There are a lot of different Minecraft One Block maps and each one of them is a little different from the other. For most of the time, the early game is always the hardest part. Once you are able to set up all your basic necessities, you will find that

Below is a video of the survival journey of the Minecraft YouTuber CookieGod. He managed to reach the End Phase and built a pretty large base after 100 days. Sadly he didn't make it to the End Portal on day 100 but it is still impressive. You can check it out and learn a bit from him.

3. Best Minecraft One Block servers

Minecraft One Block is quite a popular mode so there are a lot of different Minecraft servers out there that include this mode. Here are the top 3 best Minecraft One block  Servers:

  • This server has a large community with many active players at all times and many different game modes.
  • UltimisMC - one of the best-cracked servers in the world with many popular maps and mods.
  • HylexMC is a cracked server with many game modes, events, and gifts.

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