We're here today to talk about our old friend - The Ender Dragon. Defeating the Ender Dragon is a must to unlock more late-game content and complete your journey in Minecraft. However, this dangerous boss can be useful, not as a trophy hanging on your wall? He's the only source of a very important alchemy item in the game - the Dragon's Breath.

In order to collect Dragon's Breath from the Ender Dragon, you actually need him to be alive. Here's how to get Dragon's Breath in Minecraft, explained in detail!

Dragons Breath Minecraft
Venture down to the End to get Dragon's Breath.

How to get Dragon's Breath in Minecraft?

Since the only source of Dragon's Breath in Minecraft (Survival) is the Ender Dragon, you have to reach the End biome to get it. But before you set out on your expedition, we suggest doing some prep-work first.

#1. Prepare weapons, Ender Eyes & glass bottles

In order to enter the End biome, you must locate a Stronghold in your Minecraft world. Then, go around the compound to locate the End Portal. This is where you'll enter the End realm. Make sure you carry at least 10 Ender Eyes with you, too. The Ender Eye will guide you to the nearest Stronghold. The End Portal also requires this item to function.

Then, to collect the Dragon's Breath, bring some glass bottles. Scoop some sand from nearby rivers or beaches, smelt them into glass, then craft as many glass bottles as you can.

Above are the two must-have items before you enter the End Portal: Ender Eyes and glass bottles.

Glass Bottle Recipe
Make as many glass bottles as you want.

Additionally, you should also upgrade your weapons/armors, as well as bring some type of regen items. For combating the Ender Dragon, we suggest the following loadout:

#2. Enter The End

Insert the Ender Eyes into the empty slots around the End Portal to reactivate it. When the portal is open, jump straight in. From there, you have to dig your way up and run around. Avoid making eye contact with the Endermen. They're shy and cannot stand the idea that someone is looking them in the eyes.

12 End Portal Frames
Jump into the End whenever you're ready.

#3. Collect The Dragon's Breath

To get Dragon's Breath in Minecraft, you have to let the Ender Dragon attack you and dodge. Wait until he uses his breath attack at you, then quickly right-click empty glass bottles to collect the breath. Remember, your main goal here is not to defeat the Ender Dragon. You only want his breath.

Keep the Ender Dragon alive as long as possible to get the maximum amount of Dragon's Breath. When you have enough of what you come for, it's time to slay the Dragon. Otherwise, you won't be able to keep the Dragon's Breath you've collected.

Dragons Breath Minecraft Collect
Right-click the bottles to collect Dragon's Breath.

What is Dragon's Breath used for in Minecraft?

The Dragon's Breath is used to create an item called the Lingering Potion. So, what does Lingering Potion do in Minecraft? It's just a variant of splash potions that you can be throw to leave clouds with status effects that linger on the ground in an area.

To craft a Lingering Potion, the recipe requires a Splash potion of any kind and a bottle of Dragon's Breath.

The status effect cloud starts with a radius of 3 blocks, slowly decreasing to 0 in 30 seconds. When the cloud is on the ground, any player or mob that walks into it after the first second gets the corresponding status effect. However, the status effect duration is only 1⁄4 that of the corresponding potion.

Lingering Potion
A lingering potion can apply the effect to a large group.

FAQs on Dragon's Breath

Here are our answers to some FAQs regarding the Dragon's Breath:

#1. How to get Dragon's Breath after killing the Ender Dragon?

Answer: You have to summon another Ender Dragon using its egg. Or simply spawn some Dragon's Breath using commands.

Dragons Breath Minecraft Bottle
Collect all the breath you need in one go.

#2. How to farm Dragon's Breath?

Answer: If you want to get more Dragon's Breath, just keep the Ender Dragon alive as long as possible to collect the most of his breath. But in case you have a ton of time to kill, you can consider building the contraption as in the video below.

#3. How do you drink Dragon's Breath in Minecraft?

Answer: You cannot drink the Dragon's Breath in the vanilla version of Minecraft.

That's everything you need to know about how to get Dragon's Breath in Minecraft. For more useful articles on gaming, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.

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