Pigs are the oldest passive mob in existence in Minecraft. It appeared as a DLC outfit for the Mij Brawler in the crossover Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting game.

Common pigs in the game looks quite like the Yorkshire which is a regular pink breed of pigs. Apart from that, players would want to know more about this mob such as how to breed pigs in Minecraft, and how to ride them.

1. What do pigs do in Minecraft?

Pigs are commonly found in the grass plains of the Overworld and you can use them as a mount. They are a great food source as players can kill them for meat and porkchops.

You can also keep the pigs and use them as a means of transport.

Pigs In Minecraft
You can use pigs for food and transportation.

2. What do pigs eat in Minecraft?

While exploring, the Minecraft pig may get hurt and die if the wounds get serious. To prevent from losing this rideable mob, you need to feed them regularly.

In fact, pigs only consume potatoes, carrots, and beetroots in the game. These materials are more challenging to find compared to wheat. You can generally find them as seeds in chests and from villages with the farmland.

You can make use of these food farms to get the ingredients you want and thrive to survive.

Minecraft pigs eat potatoes, beetroots, and carrots.

3. How to breed pigs in Minecraft

Breeding pigs in Minecraft is not difficult at all. These are all the required steps for the procedure:

  • If it is hard to find pigs, players can use a spawn egg or summon one with a cheat.
  • To prevent pigs from running away, put on a fence to keep them close together while breeding.
  • You need potatoes, carrots, and beetroots to breed the pigs.
  • Two pigs that are fed at a close distance will be in mating mode.
  • After a while, the red hearts disappear, and a baby pig is born.

The piglet will mature in 20 minutes and players can hasten the process by feeding them. The pigs have a 5-minute cooldown time before the breeding process can start again.

Minecraft Piglet
The piglet will be standing there when the red hearts vanish.

4. How to ride a pig in Minecraft

It will be waste not knowing how to ride a pig after having learned how to breed pigs in Minecraft.

  • Find a pig
  • Put a Saddle on it

Before riding a pig, you must put a saddle on it first. Select the saddle in the hotbar to equip the saddle on your pig. You will see a saddle on the pig then.

Ride Pigs
Use a carrot to move the pig in different directions.
  • Hold a Carrot on a Stick

Next, choose the carrot on a stick in the hotbar so you can hold it in your hand. The carrot will help control the pig’s movement.

  • Mount the Pig

You can now mount and ride it. Change the camera angle if you want to see yourself controlling the pig. Dismount it when you want to stop riding.

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