Minecraft world is always brimming with a vast range of different vegetables and fruits. They can be mundane to extremely exotic, but all has a specific use for players. One of the earliest and easy to find fruits in the game is melons and their uses cannot be underrated as well.

Here’s everything you need to know about melons in Minecraft including where to find them and what you can use them for.

Melon Location
What do melons in Minecraft do and where can players find them?

About Minecraft melons

Melon is a decent food source that can be eaten raw right after harvesting. Once encountered, you can break the melon blocks to get a handful of delicious melon slices.

Players can break melons by hand or using any tool they want. A melon will drop from 3 to 7 slices and they can assemble an entire Melon in your Crafting Table.

Melon Slice
Melons are a great source of food in the game.

Where can you find these melons in Minecraft?

Melon locations in Minecraft

Players can see melons in large quantities in jungle biomes. It might be quite hard for the player to seek a jungle biome in Minecraft than finding a melon in the jungle itself.

Besides, you can try your luck hunting savanna villages down. Minecraft melons can be found in farms or as a substitute for hay bales in these villages. But it is not guaranteed that all villages in the savanna biome will have the melons you are searching for.

Minecraft Melons
Players can find melons in savannah villages, jungle biomes, and woodland mansions.

Those who know the spot of a woodland mansion in their seed can also attempt to look for melons there. You may encounter them in a very certain type of room. However, it will be a waste of time hunting down a woodland mansion only to find melons. You can use these woodland mansion seeds to make it more time-efficient.

The specific rooms spawn inside each mansion are totally randomized.

How to use melons in Minecraft

These are how players can use Melons for their experience in the game.

  • Melons are the food sources that need to be cut into slices to eat. Each melon slice can restore 1.2 hunger saturation and 2 hunger points.
  • Also, melons can drop Melon Seeds which are utilized to grow more Melons. When planted on tiled lands, it will grow a small stem and each stem grows 1-4 Melons if there are empty blocks close by.
  • Players can also use them in Trades as Journeyman level farmers will buy 4 melons in exchange for 1 Emerald.
  • A melon slice can be made into a Glistering Melon Slice.
  • You can use Melon in a Composter and it has a 65 percent chance to boost the level by 1.

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