Minecraft Bedrock and Java, despite being two versions of one game, have plenty of differences. While most people think Java is better than Bedrock gameplay-wise, there are features in Bedrock that Java has no counterpart. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 Minecraft Bedrock exclusive features that the Java version does not have.

1. 3D skins

While Java is more advanced in world-related features, its player model is fairly simplistic. It consists of only 6 blocks: two hands, two legs, one body and one head. Minecraft Bedrock, on the other hand, is much more complicated. Players can actually add extra parts that do not belong to the previously mentioned 6 blocks.

This is why Minecraft Bedrock players can enjoy the novelty of 3D skins. They can add wings, horns, tails and the like to their characters. Getting skins is also pretty easy - they can create their own skin, unlock them or even buy paid skins from the marketplace.

3D skins
3D skins is one of Minecraft Bedrock Exclusive Features.

2. Dyeing using cauldrons

In Minecraft Bedrock, Cauldrons can be used to dye leather armors and mix dyes for more colors. Players can also add potions on cauldrons then combine them with arrows to get tipped arrows. Horse armor can also be dyed using this method.

Overall, the mixable colors are probably the best part, as you can get multiple colors from just a few sets of dyes. You can't do this in Java.

3. Official add-on support

Minecraft Bedrock Edition's mod community receives official add-on support from Mojang. The devs have released an official modding API to encourage creativity and customization. This makes mods more stable and less likely to break upon new updates.

While Java Edition has tons of resource packs and the like, it still lacks official add-on supports. This in turn makes mods much harder to create.

Official add-on support
Official add-on support in Minecraft Bedrock

4. Baby mobs

The baby version of mobs is a common feature in Minecraft. Bedrock just happens to be ahead of Java in this regard, with more variants of baby mobs for squid and dolphin. Similar to the usual baby mobs, baby squid and dolphins have similar bodies to adults but with big heads and small bodies.

5. Placing blocks optimization

In Minecraft Java, building bridges or placing blocks at the edge can be an annoying task, as you have to crouch every time for that. However, the Bedrock version is different. Players can just place blocks in the air in front of them - these blocks will be automatically placed at the edge on which they are standing.

Players can place a block in front and another one under it to create downward staircases in Bedrock without using a water bucket. To do that, use the following trick: Snaps your head down at the edge of a ledge holds down the place button and jumps up.

Furthermore, players can also build a pillar of blocks without using scaffolding in Bedrock. To do this, sneak and look at the ground in front of you then hold down the jump and place buttons. This would create a pillar of blocks to the sky with the player remain on the ground

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