While both Java and Bedrock are Minecraft in the core gameplay, the deviations between the two versions can be pretty extensive. In this article, we are going to break down the major features and showcase the various differences between Minecraft Java vs Bedrock to see which is the better one.

1 - Bedrock can be played on more platforms

Can Minecraft Java play with Bedrock? They can't.

Java is the original version of Minecraft and therefore only available on PC-based OS (Windows, MacOS, and Linux). On the other hand, Bedrock is much more versatile. You can play Minecraft Bedrock on PC Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPhone and iPad, Android, Smart TVs and streaming devices.

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock
Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Graphics

This means Bedrock players have a bigger player base to draw from. They can play with any other Bedrock player on any system while Java players can only play with other Java players on PC. However, Bedrock doesn't work on MacOS and Linux so if you are on these two OS, Java is your only choice.

2 - Java Edition has bigger multiplayer servers

While Java Edition does not have Bedrock's level of cross-play, the nature of being PC-based allows it to have much bigger multiplayer servers. You can play with other Java users in those servers, which feature beautifully crafted maps filled with activities like minigames.

Bedrock certainly has their own version of these, but nowhere near as big. The Java servers have been around for years now, with a lot of cool maps to choose from. If you want to try those popular minigame maps like Bed Wars or Hunger Games, Minecraft Java is your best bet.

minecraft java vs bedrock performance
Minecraft Java vs Bedrock 2021 performance

3 - Bedrock Edition has better performance

While Minecraft is not much of a game graphically, the Java version can be surprisingly taxing on your PC's CPU and graphics card, due to how big the world is. Mods also worsen the issue. This means if you are not playing with a decent computer, Bedrock might be a better choice.

Overall, the Bedrock version is optimized for weaker graphics and will run more smoothly and consistently. This means fewer dropped frames and faster load times.

4 - Java Edition is better for modding

Mods are one of the most essential things in Minecraft, as they often greatly enhance your experience. There are basic mods that change visual and music alongside more advanced mods that change how the world generates or introduces new items.

However, the ability to freely add mods is only available to Java players. Mods in Java are completely free - you can download anything online or even make and upload your own to use in-game. There is a dedicated platform for Java called Minecraft Forge that lets you install and edit mods.

Bedrock, on the other hand, limits modding. You can still download and install mod in Minecraft Bedrock, of course, but the range of mods to apply to your game is much smaller. This is the cost of being multi-platform.

Java Edition is better for modding
You can even mod Java edition with extremely realistic graphics.

5 - Java Edition has two extra modes: Hardcore and Spectator

Minecraft has 3 modes by default: Survival, Creative and Adventure. However, Java players get access to two more exclusive modes: Hardcore and Spectator.

The former, Hardcore mode, is fairly popular with streamers. It is a "permadeath" mode in which you only have one life. If you die, your world is permanently ended. On the other hand, Spectator is a mode similar to Creative - it lets players fly around the world and observe it without interacting.

If you are looking for an actual challenge, Hardcore is the mode to pick. No mistakes are allowed.

hardcore mode
Minecraft java edition vs Minecraft bedrock edition: Hardcore mode is a deal-breaker.

6 - Java is generally harder than Bedrock

While Minecraft Java and Bedrock differences in gameplay are not too much, in general, Minecraft Java is harder than Bedrock. The biggest deviation between the two games is that there is a cooldown between attacks in Java, whereas in Bedrock you can just spam click. Furthermore, the mobs in Java are much more lethal - they notice the player at a much further range and has better AI.

7 - Verdict: Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock 2021

Overall, if you are a casual player who doesn't want to mod the game too much, the Bedrock version is your best bet. It is easier than Java, runs better, and is available on more platforms. This is great if you just want to try out a few playthroughs then move to the next game.

If you intend to be a hardcore Minecraft player and are interested in modding, the Java version is the better choice. It is also considered the main version of Minecraft and usually gets updates much earlier than Bedrock.

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