Water bucket, while simple, is one of the most useful items you can get in Minecraft, due to how players and the game interact with water. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 tips and tricks on using a water bucket in Minecraft.

1 - Create Obsidian anywhere

Obsidian is one of the more important materials in Minecraft. Players need obsidian to create a nether portal and get access to the Nether to complete the game.

They are hard to find naturally but are super easy to create, as players can just pour water onto lava using a water bucket to get obsidian. However, in the case that lava and water sources are not close to each other, the only way you can do this is to carry water in a bucket. You will need at least a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian, so don't be hasty about creating them.

How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft
Use a Water bucket in Minecraft to create obsidian.

2 - Catching fish

Water buckets can be used on a fish to create a bucket of fish. This is also how you can tame and breed axolotls in the caves and cliffs update. These guys are pretty docile - you can tame them by scooping using a bucket.

Players also need to fill the water bucket with tropical fish to feed axolotl and breed them.

3 - Prevent fall damage

The way players interact with water is pretty wonky in Minecraft. As long as you touch a water surface at the end, fall damage from any height gets reduced to zero. This results in a "Water bucket trick", in which you create a water surface right before the fall to eliminate fall damage.

Below is how you can do the trick:

  • Put a water bucket into the hotbar and be ready to use it.
  • Switch to the water bucket while falling
  • Dispense the bucket of water right before impact with the ground to nullify the damage. This trick needs some practice to get used to.

4 - Fill cauldrons

Players can use the water bucket to fill out the cauldron in Minecraft. It is a useful block that can be used to hold lava, water, potions, powdered snow, and more. In turn, you can use the cauldron to irrigate farmlands and sugarcane, similar to a waterlogged block.

5 - Create makeshift elevators

It is possible to use the water bucket to make a water trail from the top of a cliff to the bottom, similar to an elevator. Players can travel downward and upward freely using it, without taking fall damage.

Just empty the bucket and make use of the falling water. Furthermore, as the evaporation rate of the water is fairly low, you can just scoop it up later and get a full bucket again.

Minecraft waterfall
Waterfalls in Minecraft

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