Armor in Minecraft protects you from damage and even Creepers' blasts. However, more often than not, you will find yourself using a boring set of silver or diamond armor that just doesn't look that great. If you ever feel like so, why not spice up your armor with new colors?

Here's our complete guide on how to dye armor in Minecraft. Follow the simple steps below to bring a different flavor to your protective pieces.

Dyed Armor Minecraft
Take on Minecraft with your own style!

Where To Find Dyes In Minecraft?

In order to make dyes, players must collect materials and items in the game. There are currently 16 colors of dyes in Minecraft that players can use to change the color of their armor. You can acquire these with a Crafting Table by using rocks, vegetables, flowers, and other flora.

These are 16 colors of dyes in Minecraft and their ingredients. For example, you can make white dye in Minecraft by adding bone and lily of the valley to the Crafting table.

  • Red - beetroot, roses, poppies, red tulips
  • Green - cactus
  • Light grey - azure bluet, white tulips, oxeye daisies
  • Pink - pink tulips, peonies
  • Lime green - sea pickles (Use a Potion of Water Breathing to gather in the sea)
  • Yellow - dandelions, sunflowers
  • Light blue - blue orchids
  • Magenta - alliums, lilacs
  • Orange - orange tulips
  • Blue - lapis lazuli, cornflower
  • Brown - cocoa beans
  • Black - ink sacs, wither roses
  • White - bone meal, lily of the valley
Minecraft Building Dyes
You can collect different materials to make dyes, then combine dyes to make new colors.

You can also create new colors by combining other colors of dyes. This can also be done at the Crafting Table in Minecraft. The available colors are:

  • Purple - red dye and blue dye
  • Cyan - green dye and  blue dye
  • Light grey - black dye and 2 white dyes, or grey dye and white dye
  • Grey - white dye and black dye
  • Pink - red dye and white dye
  • Lime green - green dye and white dye
  • Light blue - blue dye and white dye
  • Magenta - pink dye and purple dye, blue dye and white dye and red dye, blue dye and 2 red dyes and white dye
  • Orange - red dye and yellow dye

How To Dye Armor In Minecraft?

Making A Cauldon And A Bucket

To dye armor, you will have to craft the armor and the dye color of choice. You will also need an iron bucket full of water and a cauldron. In order to make these, get some iron ingots in Minecraft from mining.

  • Bucket: Place 3 iron ingots in a V shape.
  • Cauldron: Place 3 iron ingots in both columns of the Crafting Table, then one ingot at the middle slot of the bottom row.
Dye Cauldron
Make a cauldron full of dyes!

Dyeing Armor

Fyi, only leather armor can be dyed. So craft yourself a set of leather armor. Then, let's get to dyeing.

Follow the steps below to dye armor in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Place the Cauldron. Using the bucket, grab some water to fill the cauldron.
  • Step 2: Add the selected color of dye to the cauldron.
  • Step 3: Select the item you want to dye. Place it inside the cauldron.
  • Step 4: Collect your newly dyed leather armor and enjoy!

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