Bookshelf is a block in Minecraft that is mostly used for decoration for getting more enchants with the enchanting table. It is quite simple to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft but it is an important block to get powerful enchanted items. In this article, we will explore how to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft. Bookshelf is available on all supported platforms of Minecraft.

Village Library
You can find Bookshelves in the Village Library in Minecraft.

How to find Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelf does naturally generate in Minecraft in the Village Library and some houses. A Village Library has 10 Bookshelves per library.

You can also find Libraries in strongholds. There can be up to 2 Libraries in a stronghold. A Stronghold Library features Bookshelves arranged in pillars and often has more Bookshelves than a Village Library. A single-level Library in Minecraft can have 161 Bookshelves while a Library with a balcony has 233 Bookshelves.

Minecraft Stronghold Library
You can find large Libraries with a lot of Bookshelve in Strongholds in Minecraft.

You need to break Bookshelves in order to transfer them to your inventory. You can break Bookshelves fairly easily by hand. However, using an axe will be much faster. The better your axe is, the faster you can break Bookshelves. You can break a Bookshelf in 0.2 seconds with a Golden Axe.

You can also get Bookshelves by trading with Novice-level librarian villagers.

  • In Bedrock Edition, novice-level librarian villagers have 50% chance to sell a bookshelf for 9 emeralds.
  • In Java Edition, novice-level librarian villagers have 63% chance to sell a bookshelf for 9 emeralds.

In fact, there are some tips to get discount when trading with villagers in Minecraft, so you had better take a look.

How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Here are the requirement as well as the full recipe to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft (with pictures).

Required Items

  • A Crafting table
  • 6 Wood Planks
  • 3 Books

Press E to open the Crating Menu with a 2x2 grid. Put 4 Wood into the Crafting Menu and put the Crafting table into your inventory.

Make Crafting Table
You can make a Crafting Table in Minecraft with only 4 Wood blocks.

You can get Wood Planks by putting Wood into the Crating Table. You can use any type of Wood Plank, they don't even have to be the same type.

You can craft a Book with 3 Paper and 1 Leather. Put 3 Paper on the top row of the Crating Table and 1 Leather on the middle slot on the left. You must place the material in this exact position.

How To Make A Book Minecraft
You can make a book in Minecraft with 3 Papers and 1 Leather on the Crafting table.

Steps to craft a bookshelf

You can make a Bookshelf in Minecraft on the Crafting Table. Open the Crafting Table fill the top and the bottom row with Wood Planks. Put 3 Books in the middle row. You will see a Bookshelf on the slot on the right. Just drag it into your inventory.

How To Make Bookshelf In Minecraft
How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft


To make a bookshelf in Minecraft, open the Crafting table with a 3x3 grid, put 3 Books in the middle row and fill all other slots with 6 Wood Planks of any type. Now simply drag the bookshelf into your inventory.

What can you do with Bookshelves in Minecraft?

Apart from decorating, Bookshelves is the only way for you to upgrade the Enchantment table get the best enchantments on Minecraft armor and weapons. These enchantments will make you much stronger and much harder to kill.

When you place an Enchantment table near Bookshelves, glyph particles will fly from the Bookshelves toward the Enchantment table. You need 15 Bookshelves to max out your Enchantment table.

How to make an Enchantment table

You need to have:

  • 1 Book
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 4 Obsidians

Open your Crafting Table, fill the bottom row with 3 Obsidians. On the middle row, place 1 Obsidian in the middle and 2 Diamonds on the other 2 slots. On the top row, place the Book in the middle slot. You can check out the picture below to see how it looks like. The arrangement needs to be precise or it won't work.

Make An Enchantment Table In Minecraft Full Recipe
Make an enchantment Table in Minecraft Full Recipe

Bookshelves arrangement

In order the upgrade the Enchantment table with Bookshelves, the Bookshelves need to be exactly one block away from the Enchantment table. There must be no block between the Enchantment table and the Bookshelves or else it won't work.

Check out the picture below for some enchanting room designs for you to max out your Enchantment table. Most of them will require more than 15 Bookshelves to make them look better so you don't have to do exactly like that.

Enchating Room Minecraft
Some ideas for arranging Bookshelves and the Enchantment Table in Minecraft

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