Minecraft music discs are unique items that can be played in jukeboxes. They allow players to enjoy Minecraft music while doing their tasks. While most music discs can be farmed via the skeleton and creeper interaction, the new Otherside track from Lena Raine doesn't drop from that. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get the Otherside music disc in Minecraft 1.18.

1. Where can you find the Otherside music disc?

It is actually pretty weird that both music tracks from Lena Raine can only be found in chests and cannot be farmed. Players can find the Otherside music disc in either dungeon chests or stronghold altar chests, with a spawn rate of 3.1% and 2.5% respectively.

Finding this rare item would be a great way to flex, especially if you are a streamer or content creator.

Otherside music disc
Otherside music disc is a new addition in Minecraft 1.18

Otherside is a record that starts off as an uplifting and happy but repetitive retro-style piece. Upon reaching the second half, however, the song starts progressing into being darker and more sorrowful, eventually cutting off abruptly. A clock can be heard ticking quickly at the end.

2. How to get the Otherside music disc in Strongholds?

There is a limit of 128 strongholds per world. To find strongholds, players need to craft an eye of ender using blaze powder and an ender pearl. Afterward, explore the place and clear it out for the loot chests. Stronghold altar chests are in a corridor with a small altar made of stone brick slabs, with a chest on top of it. An exit is on the opposite side of the entrance.

The spawn chance is abysmally low, so you might need to explore more than a few of them. There are 0–4 corridors per stronghold so you might get more chance here than in the dungeons, which only has one chest.

Strongholds in Minecraft

3. How to get the Otherside music disc in Dungeons?

There is no game mechanic that allows you to find dungeons in Minecraft. Furthermore, they cannot be located using /locate command either. This means the only way to locate dungeons is to use third party extensions like chuckbase.com. Just get your world's seed and type it on the site to generate a map of your world. The locations of various dungeons would be marked on your map.

There are 0-2 chests along with a monster spawner in each dungeon, therefore, finding them would definitely be a good thing to do, regardless of the drops.

A double dungeon
A double dungeon in Minecraft

4. How to increase chances of finding Otherside music disc?

As the spawn rate is fairly low, the only way to increase your chance to acquire the rare Otherside disc is to speedrun the places as fast as possible. It is best to just run around the strongholds or dungeons, ignore the mobs, loot the chests and move on to the next one.

Mark out the locations on your map to go through them as fast as possible.

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