The Dungeon is a valuable structure in Minecraft that connects to caves or other generated structures. They contain loot chests and spawners that can potentially provide infinite EXP and drops. In this article, we are going to show you how to find dungeons in Minecraft and use them to their fullest potential.

Gravel Covered Dungeon
A gravel-covered dungeon in Minecraft, with one chest and one spawner.

1 - Minecraft dungeon spawn rate

Dungeons always spawn in Minecraft, even if "generate structures" is turned off. They are made up of cobblestone and have 0-2 chests, along with a monster spawner. The ratios of spawners are 50% chance for zombie spawners, 25% for skeleton spawners, and 25% for cave spider spawners.

The Spawner is always located in the center of the dungeon and will constantly spawn monsters unless destroyed or the whole area is lit up.

2 - How to find a Dungeon in Minecraft

Unlike other big structures like Nether Fortress, you can't find the Dungeons in Minecraft using a normal game mechanic. Furthermore, unlike most generated structures, dungeons cannot be located with /locate either.

To easily locate a dungeon in Minecraft, just use third-party extensions like Load up the site and type in your seed to generate a map of your world. The potential locations for dungeon spawns will be marked on your map.

To obtain your world's seed, just enter your world and open settings. Scroll down in the game tab until you see "Seed". Alternatively, you can also use the command "/seed".

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Look for the seed of your world and use tools are the easiest way to find dungeons in Minecraft.

3 - How to beat a Dungeon and use it for farming EXP

To beat a dungeon, it is vital to determine which type of Dungeons it is. Bring a shield if skeleton spawns, as they are the most dangerous. Place torches around it if possible to prevent the hidden spawner from creating more monsters. If you don't plan on using the dungeon as an EXP farm, just smash the spawner with your pickaxe.  Don't look in the chests unless you're absolutely sure no mobs will spawn.

Suggested item loadout:

  • Torches or other light sources to disable the spawner, as many as possible.
  • A stone sword or better, preferably enchanted with Sweeping Edge.
  • A shield and pickaxe
  • A full set of iron or better armor (you actually don't need armor if you are experienced enough).
A double dungeon
These structures are a godsend in the early game.

Farming a dungeon is more complicated - you need to create various contraptions around the area. A redstone light system to control how monsters spawn is a must. Check the video below to find out more about how to create a proper spawner trap.

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