Minecraft has a really interesting crafting and enchanting system. You can apply different enchantments to your items to enhance them with different effects. These enchantments can be apply using the enchanting table or the enchanted book. In this article, we are going to talk about the Fire Aspect Minecraft, a powerful sword enchantment in the game.

Fire Aspect
A sword with Fire Aspect will set the target on fire on hit.

What is Fire Aspect Minecraft enchantment?

Fire Aspect is a sword enchantment. A sword with the Fire Aspect enchantment will set the target on fire. You can add the Fire Aspect enchantment to any sword using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command.

For your information, you can add up to 8 enchantment to a sword at once, including Fire Aspect. It's compatible with almost all kinds of sword enchantments at present.

The target will be burned for 4 seconds with Fire Aspect I and for 8 seconds with Fire Aspect II. Each second burning will deal 1 hp of damage to the target.

Because the first hit is caused by the item with this enchantment, the first second of fire damage is not counted. That means the target only receives damage for 3 seconds with Fire Aspect I and for 7 seconds with Fire Aspect II.

Fire Aspect Minecraft 1
You can get cooked meat when killing crew, chicken,... when using a sword with Fire Aspect.

A mob that normally drops meat when killed will drop cooked meat when killed with a sword with Fire Aspect. Even if the mob is in water or killed in one shot, it will still drop cooked meat.

In Bedrock Edition, an item enchanted with Fire Aspect can also be used to light candles and campfires. Clicking a Block of TNT with an item that has Fire Aspect will cause the block of TNT to ignite.

All Nether exclusive mobs are immune to Fire Aspect, except for Piglins and Hoglins.

Is Fire Aspect good?

Fire Aspect Minecraft enchantment is a nice enchantment to have on a sword to boost your damage by setting the target on fire. However, it's NOT the best enchantment for sword in the game.

The best thing about Fire Aspect is that it gives you cooked meat when killed certain mobs such as cows, chickens, and pigs. You can save some coal and charcoal. It is kind of fun and convenient but that's about it.

You never use Fire Aspect when fighting against Endermen in Minecraft.

In fact, Fire Aspect is a really bad enchantment when fighting Endermen. Endermen will teleport whenever you set them on fire, making it much harder to kill them. Also, it will be harder to find the loot they drop.

Meanwhile, when you set skeleton on fire with Fire Aspect, they will shoot fire arrows. You can stack 2-3 Fire Aspect enchantments to increase the burning damage and watch the enemy die slowly.

How to get rid of Fire Aspect enchantment

You can use a Grindstone to get rid of all enchantment from a sword, including Fire Aspect. Otherwise, you will just have to get a new sword to use.

Follow these steps to craft a Grindstone in Minecraft:

  • Open your crafting menu.
  • Place a stone slab in the top middle slot, 2 sticks next to the stone slab on the top row, and 2 wood planks directly under 2 sticks.
  • Pull the Grindstone to your inventory.
Grindstone In Minecraft
It's very easy to craft a Grindstone in Minecraft.

How to get Fire Aspect in Minecraft

The Fire Aspect enchantment is quite common enchantment. Players can get it from fishing, loot chests, enchanting tables, and librarian trades. While fishing is quite time-consuming, you can make an AFK fish farm to save time.

To get Fire Aspect I from the enchantment table, you need to be at least level 11 and 6 bookshelves. As for Fire Aspect II, you need to be at least level 34 and 17 bookshelves. It will cost you quite a lot of resources to get Fire Aspect from the enchantment table.

Players can keep breaking and placing the librarian's lectern to change its offering trades to find the Fire Aspect enchantment book.

Fire Aspect Minecraft
Apply Fire Aspect enchantment to a sword using Avil in Minecraft.

You can also use the cheat command to get the Fire Aspect enchantment. Fire Aspect ID in Minecraft is 'fire_aspect'. Use this command to apply enchantment in Minecraft: '/enchant [level]'

Which item can you use Fire Aspect enchantment?

You cannot place a Fire Aspect Minecraft enchantment on Axe in Minecraft.

You can place a Fire Aspect enchantment on a Stick, a Bow, a Sword, and a Pickaxe. When using it on a Bow, you will shoot fire arrows and burn the enemies on hit. A Fire Aspect enchantment on a Pickaxe can smelts block on break. It works with Iron and Gold, making smelting ore much less time-consuming.

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