Tools are essential to your experience with Minecraft. You need axes to chop down trees, pickaxes for mining, and hoes for farming. Without tools, you won't be able to complete any content of the game properly. However, some tools affect your gameplay more than others. The hoe in Minecraft definitely receives much less appreciation than its counterparts in the game.

But as you dig deeper, you'll notice that the hoe actually has more uses than you think. Here's what you can do with a hoe in Minecraft.

#1. Dealing Damage

It's certainly not a fearsome weapon to wield in Minecraft. But in desperate times, the hoe will be a much better alternative than your bare fists. Being a gardening tool, you cannot expect the hoe in Minecraft to deal as much damage as a sword or an axe. It can inflict up to 4 HPs in a single blow, which is not enough to take on most mobs in the game.

Stone Hoe Minecraft
Craft a hoe as soon as possible to start farming.

#2 Fuel

A wooden hoe, like any other wooden item in the game, can be used as fuel for the furnace. You can throw a wooden hoe in the furnace to smelt other items. It's a great way to save a spot in your chest.

#3. Farming

The priority use for a hoe in Minecraft is, of course, farming. Players can use any hoe to convert dirt, dirt paths, and grass blocks into farmland blocks. That's where players can grow crops such as wheat and potatoes. Players can also harvest crops using a hoe. One can do so by hand, by it's a lot faster and more efficient with a hoe.

Beetroot Farm
We don't recommend upgrading the hoe further than iron.

#2. Distracting Piglins

Piglins are neutral mobs that will attack the player unless they equip a golden item. If the player wants to escape from a piglin, they can throw a golden hoe on the ground to distract it and flee while the piglin inspects it. The only downside is that the piglin won't return the hoe. But sacrificing 2 Gold Ingots to save your life is a great price to pay.

#1. Reeking Leaves 

Not many players know this but you can actually harvest leave blocks using a hoe in Minecraft. That's right, you won't be able to grab these blocks with any other tools in the game. Leave blocks are great for decorating your base and they won't decay over time when collected with a hoe.

Leaves Minecraft Breaking
Leave blocks will decay over time if not collected with a hoe.

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