After the 1.16 Minecraft Nether update, the specific Nether mobs in the game remain not too sizeable. However, many of them are neutral or hostile which means they are even more prone to attacking users in general.

Minecraft nether mobs are infamous as the most difficult to defeat. However, the same does not apply every time. Some Minecraft-ers have found out that these Nether mobs die faster than others from the Nether. Check out the easiest Nether mobs to kill in Minecraft.

1. Strider

As the Strider is passive, they do not trigger an attack or fight when hit by a player. This is why they topple when it comes to the easiest Nether mobs to kill in Minecraft.

Kill a strider and you will earn a saddle.

What makes killing a strider worthwhile is that it can drop a saddle. They are in fact among the few mobs in Minecraft you can ride on. The striders that wear a saddle in the first place will certainly drop one. As they do not always spawn donning saddles, players should take advantage of the chance when they come across a strider.

2. Enderman

These mobs are usually found in the Nether’s warped forest biome. Endermen are also the one and only mob that spawns in all three dimensions of the game. Therefore, you will have to kill them quite often.

Once listed among the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, Endermen take a bit less effort to deal with due to their commonness, considering how frequently players will have to interact with the mobs. Although they are scary and strong, killing an Enderman can be much easier than defeating the Ender Dragon.

Fighting Endermen is optional in most cases because they are neutral.

3. Ghast

Ghasts can be challenging to kill in general, but you can defeat them quite quickly with the right schemes. With just five hearts, they are weaker compared to most mobs.

You can take them down completely in just one hit or two with most weapons.

While these mobs shoot fatal fireballs, you can dodge the damage if you move fast enough.

4. Skeleton

Spawning in the Nether’s soul sand valley biome, these mobs are quite irritating to fight. But with the suitable equipment, beating them up will not be too much of a problem.

The best method to defeat Minecraft skeletons is using a shield. This comes in special handy as the soul sand will affect your speed of walking.

You can engage in plenty of practice battling the skeletons in the overworld because they spawn in groups during nighttime. Because they are a common kind of mob, dealing with them will get easier over time.

5. Piglins

Another one among the easiest Nether mobs to kill in Minecraft is Piglins. You can avoid having to destroy these neutral mobs by trading gold or putting gold armor on to blend in.

When killing is in need, it is not too hard either. They only get 10 hearts like any other nighttime mob in the overworld.

As piglins fight with a crossbow or a sword, it is recommended that you are armed with either a shield or a weapon to bring them to your knees.

Minecraft Nether Piglin
It is also not hard to kill a piglin if you have strategies.

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