Nether wart is a kind of fungus that can be found in Minecraft Nether. This is an important material in many formulas but it's hard to find it in this game. However, you can grow it to farm and use. Check out this guide on how to grow nether warts in Minecraft here.

Nether Warts In Minecraft
Nether Warts is an important ingredient to process potions in Minecraft

How To Grow Nether Warts

Minecraft players can grow Nether Warts on their farms. Then, they don't need to explore mysterious and dangerous Nether fortresses to find this ingredient. Follow this full guide on how to grow nether wart in Minecraft.

Step 1. Create the best conditions to grow Nether Wart

To grow Nether Warts, you need to create a farm and put the best condition for the fungus to grow in it. This fungus species only grows on the soul sand. The soul sand can be found in four-block-deep layers below Y=34 in the nether wastes. You can also get this sand from nether wart rooms. You don't need to care about the water and sunlight because they do not matter the growth of this fungus.

Sunlight And Water Do Not Matter
Nether Wart only grows on the soul sand and it does not need water and sunlight.

Step 2: Plant Nether Wart

After creating the best condition for Nether Warts in your garden, you need to plant this fungus. You need to obtain the Nether Wart in the wild and take them to your garden. Then, hold it in your hands and click to the soul sand.

Place Nether Warts On The Soul Sand
You hold Nether Warts in your hands and click to the soul sand to grow them.

Minecraft Nether Wart has four stages of growth but its appearances in the second and third stages are the same.

  • In the first stage, it looks like a quartet of red bulbs that sprouts out of the sand.
  • Then, these red bulbs rise a bit and you can see some mass between these bulbs in the second and third stages of development.
  • In the final stage, it looks like a thick bunch of bulbous red stalks.

After it is totally mature and ready to use, you can harvest this fungus to use.

There Are Four Stages Of Developments
There are four stages of development with three appearances, from baby fungus to mature ones.

Step 3: Harvest The Mature Nether Warts

When the Neter Warts are mature enough, you need to harvest them. Pick up the fungus and store it in your inventory. After harvesting the first crop, you can continue to grow other crops. You can harvest it after 34 minutes. There are no requirements about the tool to harvest this material. However, it's highly recommended to use an enchanted tool to get greater yields.

Grow Fungus For Potion Production
When it's mature enough, you can harvest it to use.

How To Make Nether Wart Grow Faster

Each crop of Neter Warts lasts 34 minutes. However, there is no method to make this fungus grow faster in Minecraft. You cannot use the bone meal to make it grow faster like other kinds of plants. You cannot set the time to harvest this rare fungus either.

Where To Find Nether Wart

There are two main locations of Nether Wart in Minecraft. You need to harvest this fungus from the wild to plant it in your home garden. Therefore, go to explore locations of Nether Warts before building your garden to plant them.

  • In nature, you can only farm Nether Warts in Nether fortresses, chests, and certain places, such as near staircases. It's pretty hard to find this rare ingredient. Sometimes, you can loot it from chests.
  • Bastion Remnant is another location of Nether Wart in Minecraft wild nature. It often grows in the central courtyard.
Find Nether Warts In Minecraft
You can only farm Nether Warts in many places in Nether fortresses or Bastion Remnant.

You need to prepare tools and inventory to collect as much fungus as possible. After picking up Nether Wart in Minecraft Nether Fortress and Bastion Remnant, players can use it right away and grow it for later uses.

Under Staircases
This fungus often grows under the staircases insides Nether Fortresses.

How To Use Nether Wart In Minecraft

Nether Wart is an important ingredient in Awkward Potion recipes in Minecraft. You need this fungus to brew potions in this game that will help players to become powerful alchemists. Therefore, you need to grow as many Nether Warts as possible. Then, you don't need to travel far to farm this material.

Moreover, you can also use this material to create Nether Wart Blocks. Combine 9 nether warts to have a block. Or else, you can trade it for other supplies from villagers.

Awkward Potions
Nether Wart is an important ingredient to produce Awkward Potions in Minecraft.

Follow the guide on how to grow nether warts in Minecraft above to produce this potion ingredient. It's more convenient to have a garden of nether warts in your land.

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