Beetroots are among the many growable crops in Minecraft. Beetroot Minecraft has some very unique uses that the player will find handy.

These are the best way to use this material and how to make the famous beetroot soup in the game.

How to get beetroots in Minecraft

Beetroots can be obtained from harvesting a grown crop block. It drops 1 beetroot as well as 1 to 4 seeds. You can find these crops in villages to plant them from beetroot seeds.

Besides, you can now find the seeds in the chests of end cities, dungeons as well as woodland mansions.

Beetroot Farm
Get beetroots from a fully grown farm or from chests.

Best uses of beetroot Minecraft

1. Food

A Minecraft beetroot can be a quite decent source of food for those who don’t have an animal farm. Players can eat plain beetroots to reclaim a hunger bar and 1.2 saturation points.

Moreover, a beetroot soup can restore six hunger points and grants 7.2 saturation.

2. Dye

Another great use of Beetroot is you can use it to make dye. Same as Rosebush and Red Tulip, players can place a Beetroot in the Crafting Table to get one Red Dye per beet.

Red Dye
Beetroots can be used to make red dye.

3. Composting

Minecraft players may also use the spare beetroot in a Compost Bin to make bonemeal. Each beetroot has a 65% rate to boost the compost level by 1. Bonemeal can help a lot in farming efforts.

4. Breeding

Players can breed pigs in Minecraft with Beetroot instead of Carrots. Players will also be able to ride a pig holding a beetroot. You can also breed villagers with this item.

In detail, Villagers need 12 beetroots to breed as long as there exists a valid bed to claim the baby.

Breed Villagers
As Beetroot Minecraft can be picked by villagers, chances are they will be more willing to breed.

5. Trading

You can trade your Beetroots in exchange for some amazing loot.

Farmer Villagers of novice level have a 40% opportunity to have a trade that gives 1 Emerald for 15 Beetroots. Considering that Beetroots can grow quite quickly, trading is a great way to gain a ton of Emeralds in a blink of an eye.

How to make Minecraft Beetroot soup

To make Beetroot soup in Minecraft, you need to prepare enough beetroots and a bowl. Then, put these ingredients into Crafting table and move the soup created to your Inventory.

1. Open the Crafting Menu

Beetroot Soup
Recipe to make a beetroot soup.

2. Add materials to craft Beetroot Soup

You will need to put 1 bowl and 6 beetroots in the 3x3 crafting grid. It is vital to place the items exactly where they are supposed to be.

You need 3 beetroots in the first row. With the second row, put 3 beetroots inside while the 1 bowl must be placed in the second box on the third row.

Once you have filled the crafting area with the right pattern, the beetroot soup will show up in the box on the right.

3. Move the soup to Inventory

Move the new item to your inventory and there you have it!

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