Flowers are non-solid plants in Minecraft that spawn in various shapes and colors. They are mainly used for decoration, crafting dyes, and suspicious stew. In this article, we are going to list out all flowers in Minecraft and how you can acquire them.

1 - Where to find all 14 flowers in Minecraft

Most flowers generate naturally in random patches on dirt and grass blocks. They can be broken instantly with any item or by hand. To increase the yield, you can harvest two-block-high flowers with a Fortune-enchanted tool. For example, up to 7 sunflowers can be gained from a single block.

Minecraft flowers
Minecraft flowers are one of the best ways to decorate your base.

Below is a list of all flowers in Minecraft, their colors and all flower locations in the game:

Alliummagentaflower forest and mountain meadow biomes
Dandelionyellowplains, forest, and mountain meadow biomes. Can also be created with bone meal in Swamps
Poppyredplains, forest, and mountain meadow biomes. Can also be created with bone meal in Swamps
Blue Orchidblueonly found within swamp biomes
Azure Bluetgreyplains, flower forest, and mountain meadow biomes
Oxeye Daisywhite,grayplains, flower forest, and mountain meadow biomes
Tulipred, pink, orange, greyplains and flower forest biomes
Cornflowerdeep navy blueplains, flower forest, and mountain meadow biomes
Lily of the Valleybright whiteflower forest & forest biomes
Wither Roseblackthe Wither Rose only appears when the Wither boss mob kills another mob
Sunflowerbright yellowsunflower plains biomes
Lilacmagentalush biomes
Rose Bushruby redflower forests. Can also be created with bone meal in forest biomes.
Peonylight pinkflower forests. Can also be created with bone meal in forest biomes.

For your information, you can buy any flower in Minecraft except wither roses from wandering traders in Bedrock version for a single emerald. They don't have sunflowers, rose bushes, lilacs, or peonies in Java Edition.

2. Usage of flowers in Minecraft

Minecraft flowers are very useful in making dyes, suspicious stew and honey, alongside decorative uses.

  • All flowers can be crafted into dyes of the same color. For example, lily of the valley is used in making white dye, while other flowers are for dyeing armors and other items. They can be planted on grass blocks, dirt, or coarse dirt. Wither Roses can even be planted on netherrack, soul sand or soul soil.
Minecraft Building How To Dye
How to create dyes from flowers in Minecraft.
  • Some flowers can be used to craft suspicious stew, one of the best food items in Minecraft. To do this, feed the required flower to a brown mooshroom and milk it. Follow the chart below for a list of all the variants of the stew.
Minecraft Suspicious Stew Recipes
How to make suspicious stews in Minecraft.
  • Sunflowers always face east. Because of that, you can even use them for navigation if the sun is not available.
  • You can use dandelions to lead, grow and breed rabbits.
  • All flowers allow bees to pollenate and increase the honey level in beehives and bee nests.
  • Wither Roses inflict the Wither status effects that damage you and turn your health bar black.
  • Apply bone meal to a grass block can spawn flowers randomly based on the biome you are in.
Minecraft Bees
Flowers and bees interaction

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