There are a great variety of crops you can grow in Minecraft. From carrots, potatoes, beetroot, sweet berries, to pumpkins, melons, and wheat, you will never run out of crops to grow in the game. With a well-structured farm, you can have a stable source of food and crafting materials.

However, it takes quite a while before the crops are ready for harvest. So, what are the way to speed up the process and grow crops faster in Minecraft? Check our 4 best tips below!

1. Optimize Your Farm Layouts

All crops in Minecraft require certain conditions to thrive and grow. The first thing is that farmland needs to be kept hydrated. Additionally, crops need a light level of nine or higher in order to grow. This doesn’t have to come from a natural light source.

Beetroot Farm
Always plant candles near your crops.

To grow crops faster in Minecraft, you can imitate light by placing candles or other light-emitting items around your crop. This will stimulate their growth, even at night when the natural light isn't available. Crop growth can also be accelerated if planted next to another type of crop.

2. Use Bone Meal

To immediately skip the growth stages of an immature crop, use bone meals. When you feed bone meal on a crop, there's a chance to accelerate its growth to a random stage. On average, 3 bone meals should get your crops to the harvest-ready stage.

A bone meal can be crafted using bones. Slaying skeletons will give you a bone. However, it will take a long time to collect all the bones you need for the farm without a stable mob farm. To grow crops faster by this method, you'll need more than 1 farm.

Bone Meal Minecraft
Bone meals are super easy to get.

3. Build Automatic Farms

If you prefer the no-hand required, hassle-free way of farming crops, build yourself an automated food farm. There are all sorts of automatic farm designs for you to choose from. The best one is probably to use villagers as your free labor. They will plant, tend, harvest, and then re-plant your crops. All you need is a system to collect the crops.

Minecraft Auto Farm 1
There's an idea for you to start with.

4. Raise Bees

Bees can really help to speed up your crop growth in Minecraft thanks to the mob’s unique pollinating mechanic. Bees collect pollen from flowers and pollinate growing plants. This will greatly benefit farmers who want to optimize their harvest. Planting a few beehives near your automatic farms is the best method.

You can refer to this guideline for where to find and how to harvest bees to aid your farming in Minecraft.

Bees In Minecraft
Bees are here to the rescue.

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