Minecraft 1.18 has brought a lot of changes to world generation in Minecraft. Alongside new mountain biomes, Mojang also added a number of cave biomes for players to explore. 1.18 caves are usually massive and each of them has its own distinctive feature. In this article, we are going to showcase all cave biomes in Minecraft 1.18.

1. Lush Caves

A lush cave is a variant of an underground cave biome filled with unique flora. The floor is covered in dripleaf while the ceiling is home to Glow berries. Players can find glow squids, Axolotls, and tropical fish here.

This biome can be found underground below azalea trees.

Lush Caves
Lush Caves is the most beautiful amongst cave biomes in Minecraft 1.18.

2. Dripstone Caves

A dripstone cave is a variant of an underground cave biome filled with stalagmites and stalactites of various sizes. These blocks can deal damage if fall on any mob. Furthermore, there are blocks of dripstone littering the ground.

This is probably the biggest cave biomes in the game, which is covered in large cliffs and jagged terrains. Players can also find large rivers in this biome.

Dripstone Caves
Dripstone Caves is one of the best looking types of environments.

3. Noise caves

Noise caves are a group of 4 new cave types generated using a "noise generator" mechanic. There are 4 types of Noise caves: cheese caves, spaghetti caves, noodle caves and aquifers.

Cheese cave

Cheese caves have large and open space - they are amongst the largest cave type in the game. Players can find pillars and many exposed ore veins here. The reason cheese caves gained their name is because of their generation map: the many pillars make it looks like a piece of cheese with many holes.

Spaghetti cave

Spaghetti caves are long, narrow caves that go through large distances in the underground. They are similar to small or medium caves in size but are much longer. Spaghetti caves connect between systems of caves that otherwise would be separated, making the underground a connected world on its own.

The reason spaghetti caves gain their name is also their generation map - it looks like a long and wide spaghetti.

Noodle cave

Noodle caves are a much smaller type of spaghetti cave that consists of tunnels 1 to 5 blocks wide. They have the same function as spaghetti caves: to provide a connection between multiple caves. The naming of this sub biome also use the same principle - their generation map looks like thin noodles.


Aquifers are flooded cave systems used to generate bodies of liquids in noise caves. Amongst cave biomes in Minecraft 1.18, only them can create underground lakes. The color of water in an aquifer depends on the biome containing it. Below Y=0, Aquifers may generate filled with lava instead of water.

Players can find magma blocks at the bottom of aquifers, which generate bubble columns. Ores that require no air exposure such as diamond can also be found here as well. Glow squids and tropical fish are common sights in aquifers, especially below level Y=30.

Lava Aquifer
An Aquifer filled with Lava

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