Base building is where Minecraft players can explore a lot of new ideas and creativity. A secret underground base Minecraft is not only super cool but it also protects you from other players. Same as Minecraft underwater bases, this type of base is not easy to build at all and the possibilities are endless. They can be as big or as small as you want with many secret rooms, tunnels, or even traps.

In this article, we will show you what you need to do to build a secret underground base Minecraft along with some ideas for you to start with.

Minecraft Underground Base Ideas
It's exciting to have a hidden base underground!

1. How to build a secret underground base Minecraft

There is a lot of ways to build a hidden underground base in Minecraft. However, there are some fundamental things you need to keep in mind before starting building one.

Choose a location

Choosing a location is one of the first things you need to consider when building your base. A great location would be a place where you can conceal your base entrance easily. It also depends on your preferences and the design of your base.

If you prefer the cold and ice, go for the snowy biome or an icy spire. If you enjoy staying around nature, choose a jungle or meadow biome.

Minecraft Secret Underground Base
Choose your base location carefully to conceal it.

Make a blueprint

When building on the ground, you can easily see something is off when you made a mistake. However, it is hard to do that when you are underground. If you are building a huge underground base, it is very easy to get lost with all the underground rooms and tunnels. This is why having a blueprint is extra important when building a secret underground base Minecraft.

Blueprint Minecraft
A blueprint will help you build an underground base easier.

Collect a lot of materials

It is going to take a lot of materials to build your base, including all the interior and such. Make sure to have plenty of materials stored in your chests or inventory so you can save time and build the base more quickly. You wouldn't want to run back and forth constantly just because of running out of material.

Material Minecraft
Try to collect as many materials as possible.

Pick up light sources

Since the sunlight cannot reach your underground base, you are going to have a lot of alternative light sources for your base. Torches are very easy to made and they are light sources at the start. However, you might want to pick up other light sources such as Glowstone, Lanterns,  Magma blocks as you progress further.

Glowstone Minecraft
Glowstone is a great source of light for your secret underground base.

Hide your secret entrance

The secret entrance is the most important and also the hardest part of a secret underground base in Minecraft. You need to conceal your entrance by blending it with the surroundings and a hidden mechanic to open the door. There are a million ways to do this and it is only limited by your imagination.

You can check out some of the few secret door designs below to start with.

2. Secret underground base Minecraft door design ideas

Here, we will share with you some simple but effective door ideas for secret underground base Minecraft.

Secret underwater door

Players can make this type of door by hiding them under a body of water such as a pond. All players have to do is dig a hole and place a sign there to stop the water drop from dropping down. Meanwhile, the sign does not prevent players from passing through.

Bookshelf door

This is one of my favorite hidden door designs as it looks super cool, just like the secret doors in those medieval movies. This design is made by MagmaMusen. He uses a lectern to trigger a comparator that triggers pistons to open the secret door. This is a really cool idea if you want to make a hidden door in the library or a dungeon.

There is a MagmaMusen's video for a detailed guide on how to build the Boookshelf door.

Bookshelf Door Minecraft
The Bookshelf Door uses 2 Pistons to pull the singular bookshelf to the side to reveal the path.
Bookshelf Door Minecraft 1
Turn the page of the lectern will open the secret door.

Secret Grass door

This setup uses Red Stone Repeater to controls pistons pulling grass blocks to the side to reveal the entrance to your base. Plant a big tree near the entrance and put a level on the tree. Cover the level with Grass Block, Grass, Flowers,... Make sure to put a level inside your base to close the door after you get in.

You can refer to WiederDude's video to have to better look at how to build this door.

Secret Grass Door Minecraft 1
Hide the level using Grass Block and Grass.
Secret Grass Door Minecraft
The Pistons pull the Graa Blocks in to reveal the entrance.

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