Building bases in Minecraft is one of the joys of many people. There are millions of designs out there with all kinds of structures and designs. I mean who doesn't want to turn their imagination come true and create their own house mid-air, underground, or underwater.

Making an underwater base Minecraft is not only a fun idea but is also quite challenging. Unlike building a base on the ground, you have to face Drowned underwater, have slowed down movements, find ways to breathe underwater longer and more. In this article, we will show you how to build an underwater base in Minecraft.

Underwater Base Minecraft
It's hard to build an underwater base Minecraft.

1. How to build an underwater base in Minecraft

Choose a location

The first step is to find a location to put up your underwater base in Minecraft. If you want to fence off intruders then you should choose a deep location. Otherwise, you can choose any location.

Get a base design

Before getting into the building part, you need to have an idea of how your base will look like. You can make a blueprint yourself or look up the ideas of other people on the internet. We also have some really good suggestions below that you can check out.

Build your underwater base

Finding all the resources you need and build your base according to your design like usual. Here are some important tips to make the building process easier.

  • Make some bubble columns to get more air. They will also help you dive down and resurface faster than normal swimming. Place a magma block is placed underwater to create a whirlpool to go down and place soul sand under water blocks to create an upward bubble column.
Bubble Column Minecraft
Bubble Columns will be really helpful while building your underwater base.
  • Wear your armor because Drowned will appear in deep areas of the ocean and attack you while you are building your base.
  • Prepare a helmet with Aqua Affinity enchantment to increases underwater mining speed and a Depth Strider enchantment to increase your underwater movement speed. The Respiration enchantment is also very helpful so you can stay underwater for a longer period of time.
Conduit Minecraft
The conduit can solve most of your problems but it's hard to obtain in Survival mode.
  • Building a conduit will give you Conduit Power which gives you Water Breathing, Night Vision, and Haste effects. However, in Survival mode, it can be quite difficult to obtain a conduit. To craft a conduit, you need a Heart of the Sea and 8 Nautilus Shell.

Clear out the water

It is quite easy to clear out all the water from your underwater base in Minecraft. If your base is small, you can just fill it with sand blocks then break them. You can also fill your base with flammable blocks such as wood planks, wool, or leaf blocks and then burn them.

2. Best Minecraft underwater base ideas

Here are some underwater base ideas in Minecraft you might take a look at to build or take inspiration from.

Simple underwater base

Let's start off with a very basic underwater base design. You can build this base without using too many resources or having any underwater breathing aids. You only need a 10x 10 area and build the house using wood, wood plank, and glass blocks.

The entrance to the house is on the top, above the water surface. You can use a ladder to go down the place.

Simple Underwater Base
A simple Underwater Base design that players can build in the early game.

Underwater Glass Dome

A Glass Dome is a wonderful idea for an underwater base since it allows you to enjoy the amazing scenery under the ocean. You can mix it up and add some other material into the build as you wish. Get some jack o'lanterns, glowstone, or sea lanterns to light up the space around your base.

Glass Dome
Everybody loves to build an Underwater Glass Dome to fully emerge to the ocean.

Underwater Mountain House

Now, this is kind of a special underwater base since the base doesn't really submerge into the water. Your base is technically inside a mountain with a view looking into the ocean through the glass. The access to your base will be through the mountain instead of having underwater access.

Underwater Mountain Base
A base inside the mountain looking into the underwater scenery of the ocean.

Secret Underwater Base

This build is truly an "underwater" base as your base will be built inside the seabed, lower than the ocean itself. The ceiling will be made out of glass so you can enjoy the aquatic life from below, which is kind of a refreshing perspective.

Secrect Underwater Base
Your base will be even lower than the ocean.

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