In the limitless Minecraft world, players can see a vast span of mobs as they progress. Almost all animal mobs are very helpful as they not just provide leather, wool, means of transportation, but also, most importantly, food sources.

Users have to always pay attention to their hunger bar and make sure it is charged to keep them alive. Dying from hunger is rare considering that we can find food anywhere in Minecraft. However, to make collecting food most effective, we shall set up food farms to have an abundant source. Besides common food farms from wheat or sugarcane, take note of these best animals to farm for food in Minecraft as well!

1. Guardian farm

Minecraft Guardians are the aggressive underwater mob that drops prismarine crystals, prismarine shards as well as raw cod upon death. Although these animals are primarily farmed for the prismarine drops, players can also get lots of cod.

Guardian Farm
Food is the most crucial resource in a survival game like Minecraft. With animal farms, you won't have to worry about lacking food.

Cooked cod can recover 5 hunger in the game. While it may not be the best food item, a guardian farm can help players obtain hundreds of cod within only a few minutes. It turns out the most efficient farm for food sources at this point.

2. Hoglin farm

The 1.16 Nether update introduced a powerful beast called hoglin to the Nether. They can punch players into the air, hence may toss them into the burning lava.

You can also make one of the best animal food farms in Minecraft with this buffed kind of pig. Hoglins also drop pork chops when they die.

Hoglin Farm
Create a hoglin farm to get meat.

Java Edition users can effortlessly farm this animal by making a spawning platform on the bedrock roofs around crimson forests. As hoglins are terrified of warped fungi, you can use them to lure them into the traps.

3. Honey farm

The 1.15 Buzzy Bees added adorable bees to the game. Same as bees in real life, Minecraft bees also make honey. When a bee nest or a beehive is filled, you can harvest bees to collect honey from there with glass bottles.

Honey Farms
Using observers, hoppers, and dispensers, you can easily set up a honey farm.

Drinking a bottle of honey can recover 6 hunger like steak and cooked chicken. Clearly bees are among the best animals to farm for food in Minecraft.

4. Chicken farm

Chickens’ unique behavior is dropping eggs after specified time intervals. Players can use these eggs to spawn even more chickens. A chicken farm functions by breeding chickens, collecting eggs from chickens, then dispense those eggs to crate baby chicks.

For this build, when the chickens mature, their heads will touch the lava, leading to their demise. You can use a fox with a Fire Aspect-enchanted sword to kill these chickens.

5. Cow farm

Cow is also one of the best animals to farm for food in Minecraft and also common to find in the game. Previously, you can make a mob crusher and semi-automatically farm cows. These crushes make use of entity cramming to kill mobs.

Upon death, cows drop raw beef which can be cooked into steak.

Cow Farm
The same design can be utilized to farm pigs.

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