Minecraft Live 2021 is where Mojang will announce the biggest announcement and updates for Minecraft. The event starts on October 16 and there will be a Mob Vote for players to choose which mob will be in the next update in Minecraft.

There is a total of 3 options and all of them have been announced. The first mob is Glare, a creature who hates darkness and warns you about monsters. The second mob is Allay, a bluebird that helps you collect items you give it. The third option is Copper Golem, which they have just announced.

Copper Golem Minecraft 1
Copper Golem Minecraft is the last mob in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021.

Copper Golem Minecraft

The Copper Golem is a new mob in Minecraft that players can craft. It is made out of 100% copper and you can craft it using the Crafting Table. Since it is made out of copper, it will oxidize over time and become unable to move.

Copper Golem Minecraft loves pressing random Copper buttons, which sound a little bit weird. He might be useful if you want to activate your red-stone machines automatically using a Copper button. But the Copper Golem will oxidize over time so it is also not that good.

However, that is just might the reason why he will get voted because of the Minecraft YouTuber Dream. Dream has just made a tweet saying that he will definitely rig the vote, insinuating that he will tell his fans to vote for the Copper Golem.

In the previous Mob Vote, Dream told his fans to vote for the Glow Squid and it ended up being the winner of the Mob Vote 2020.

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