As Minecraft Live 2021 is coming close, Mojang starts to release more information about the Mob Vote 2021. Players will get to choose which mob will be added to Minecraft in the next update. The second mob in the Mob Vote is a little blue creature with wings called Allay.

New Minecraft Mob: Allay

As Jens is looking for Anges, he finds some note blocks and played them. The music from the note blocks then attracts our second mob in the Mob Vote 2021, Allay.

Allay is a mob with a collecting hobby. Whatever you give them, they will search for more of the same or similar items and give them to you. Allay is a big fan of music and dancing, which is why it will drop the collected items near note blocks when you play them. The devs have confirmed that Allay will collect items in the world and not duplicate them.

Collecting is kind of a boring job in Minecraft so Allay will definitely be a very useful mob to make it more fun and convenient. It is a friendly mob so we will see if it needed to be tamed, where it lives, and its interaction with other mobs. We will get to know more about the Minecraft Allay mob if it gets voted in the upcoming Mob Vote 2021.

Minecraft Allay
When you give Allay an item, it will collect all the same or similar items for you.

The first mob in Mob Vote 2021 is Glare, a green mob that hates the darkness. The third mob is expected to be revealed tomorrow. Make sure to join Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16 to catch all the biggest Minecraft updates, announcements, and vote for the next mob in Minecraft.

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