Slimes are notorious creatures in Minecraft that bounce around and multiply into smaller ones when slain. But that’s not what they are known for. These mobs drop slime balls used for several purposes such as making sticky pistons.

You may find it hard to find these slimes as they just spawn in certain areas. That’s why making a slime farm Minecraft will be useful in various ways.

Slime Farm 1 18
How to make an easy slime farm.

Required materials for slime farm 1.18

Slimeballs are used in crafting many important items and they may run out quite quickly. But a slime farm will be in good use in this case as it oozes with Slimeballs to collect.

To build a slime farm 1.18, players need these materials and below is how you can make them:

  • Slimechunks
  • Torches or candles
  • Iron Golems

1. Slime chunks

It is hard to tell the nearest slime chunks are, so you can use Chunkbase based on your seed.

Type ‘/seed’ into the game and it shall appear in the bottom left corner. Moreover, press F3 + G to enable chunk borders.

Players make create a slime chunk farm to get many of them.

This yellow grid can indicate the location of each chunk. Once seeing these slime chunks in their seed, the players can find the closest one and head there.

2. Torches/candles

You can find torches in igloos, village lamp posts, corridors, pillager outposts, woodland mansions, or chest loots. Besides, torches can be crafted using Coal/Charcoal and Stick.

With candles, Minecraft players can simply place 1 String above 1 Honeycomb in a crafting window to make them. You may light Candles up with flint and steel.

Light sources prevent other mobs to spawn in your slime farm.

3. Iron Golem

Iron Golem can either be spawned using cheat codes or using manual crafting. The needed materials to make an Iron Golem are iron blocks, some pumpkins.

Slimes usually find enemies in a distance of 16 blocks to hit and if they can’t search for any player, they will attack either iron or snow golem. This is extremely useful when it comes to building a slime farm Minecraft.

Iron Golem
Iron Golems attract the slimes, which you can use to harvest slimeballs.

How to make a slime farm Minecraft

Now that you have known the essential materials, here’s how you can craft a slime farm in the 1.18 version:

  • Find a slime chunk close by.
  • Go underground until you arrive at Y40, then dig a 20-block-deep 16x16 chamber.
  • Through the center of the chamber, make 10x10 platforms while making sure to leave a few air blocks to separate them. Doing this will leave some room for slimes to spawn on.
Slime Farm Minecraft
As slimes can generate in any light level, ensure to light up the farm.
  • Place candles or torches to light your platforms up and stop other mobs from spawning there.
  • Leave an Iron Golem on a wall opposite each platform.

These Iron Golems will make the slimes hop over the edge. You may also make some floor blocks underneath with Magma blocks. Any slimes surviving the fall can be killed as they touch the Magma blocks.

Iron Golem Slime Farm
When slimes approach the Iron Golems, they fall from height and dies, hence drop slimeballs you can get.

To maximize your time, you may try AFK fishing while waiting for the spawning of slimes.

Note: Slimes only spawn if the player is away farther than the 24 blocks and they can despawn when you’re over 32 blocks away. Make sure to make a small zone within this range to AFK in.

Why you should build a slime farm

Slimes may look like they are like “any other mob”. However, slimes can provide one of the most essential materials for Minecraft adventurers and builders alike.

When slain, one slime can drop slimeballs which are used in plenty of recipes. Here's a look at everything that you can make with slimeballs:

1. Slime block

Slime blocks look aesthetically pleasing yet they can also work for two special purposes. For one, they can bounce you and the mobs. Second, they can push and pull adjacent blocks when you combine them with a piston.

A Slime Block can be made from 9 Slimeballs in Minecraft.

A slime farm Minecraft will give you the advantage to make the most useful items.

2. Lead

Leads are what you use to lasso animals and take them around. You may as well use it to affix the animal to an object to prevent them from running away. Making a lead will need:

  • 4 x String
  • 1 x Slimeball

3. Sticky Piston

Sticky Pistons function like normal pistons with an additional feature: blocks are “pushable” and “pullable”. Using a Sticky Piston helps you push and pull the block with free will. Piecing these together will craft a Sticky Piston:

  • 1 x Piston
  • 1 x Slimeball

4. Magma Cream

Another use that makes creating a slime farm worthwhile is making Magma Cream. Brewing Fire Resistance potions and making Magma Blocks both need Magma Creams. You need these materials for a Magma Cream:

  • 1 x Blaze Powder
  • 1 x Slimeball

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