The most visually impressive feature that Minecraft 1.18 brought about is the new biomes. The mountains equally became much bolder with a height of 256 blocks.

Besides, seed parity was also introduced, letting both Bedrock and Java Edition gamers play on the same seed while some structures may not spawn similarly. Meanwhile, Pocket Edition players are also thrilled with the new update.

Best Mountain Seed Minecraft 1 18
What are the best mountain seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition after the 1.18 update?

For those who want some adventure from up high, here’s the best mountain seed Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition list to check out.

1. Snowy Mountain on a Dripstone Cave

  • Seed: 2033516050
Snowy Mountain On A Dripstone Cave
A picturesque view of a snowy mountain and a dripstone cave as one.

In this seed, you will spawn opposite an oak leaf. When you turn around, you will see an aesthetic snow-covered mountain. There’s also a huge dripstone cave on the other side of its peak. The cave is not just a massive place to explore but also a jackpot for mining resources.

2. Flower Meadow amidst Frozen Mountains

  • Seed: 460628901
Flower Meadow Surrounded By Frozen Mountains
Some mountain peaks among these also go 256 blocks high which is the maximum for any naturally spawning block.

This mountain seed Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition will spawn players on a mountain slope that surrounds a pretty flower meadow.

Outside this discreet area, you can find a village and a pillager outpost nearby. Moreover, a giant cave system can also be probed into a few blocks away.

Among all new mountain biomes in Minecraft 1.18, this will satisfy for experience big time.

3. Spruce Mountain Forest

  • Seed: 331124596
Spruce Mountain Forest
The region has a lot of cave openings for those who want to explore resources.

Entering this seed, you will land on a spruce forest enclosed by big snow mountains. The forest seems never-ending and it’s a great place to set up a hidden base. Opponents will hardly spot the base in such a lush region. However, you must be aware of the powder snow.

The only setback is the food scarcity that will result in you having to get out of the spawn point to find food.

4. Exposed Dripstone Caves between Frozen Mountains

  • Seeds: -98990689
Exposed Dripstone Caves Tucked Between The Frozen
An exposed dripstone cave amidst frozen mountains.

This best mountain seed Minecraft 1.18 Pocket Edition sees players spawning in the midst of a so-called winter wonderland. It has waterfalls, frozen lakes, snowy peaks, and most importantly, a visible dripstone cave tucked between these mountains.

Players can take their chance and mine many ores spawning here, hence boosting themselves for better gear in survival.

5. Badland Mountains

  • Seed: 1400944688
Badland Mountain
Make sure you don’t overlook a lush cave biome nearby.

The spawn point for this will be next to a mammoth mountain on the badlands. You can roam around a bit before seeing a beach with red sand. It would be quite ideal to build a base here.

The best feature of this, meanwhile, is that you will stumble upon a great crater a few blocks away. Exploring further and the player shall enter a humongous cave.

It is flawless for mining and stacking resources up.

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