Capes are touted as the top-rare item in Minecraft. It also partly shows how long you have played the game, what mods you use, and what events you attended.

Although it’s not difficult to get a Minecraft cape, you will be quite confused if not know which player category you belong to.

Bearing in mind that capes are not craftable at the moment, here's how to get a cape in Minecraft, with and without mods.

Minecraft Cape
You can choose to either use or not use mods to get some very nice capes for yourself.

How to get a cape in Minecraft without mods

Users can usually gain capes in Minecraft after they complete some tasks and certain events, or migrate their accounts. Without using mods, this is the official method to access a Minecraft cape.

1. Attending Minecraft events

Between 2011 and 2016, players who joined the MINECON event received a special cape. Bedrock Edition gamers attending MINECON 2019 also got these capes. For the upcoming Minecraft Festival in 2022, you will also earn an exclusive cape for attendance.

Minecraft Capes
Minecraft event attendees can get special capes each year.

Besides, there are some capes players can obtain at any time, but they are Bedrock Edition-exclusive:

  • The Pan Cape: given to players downloading Bedrock Edition beta versions.
  • Two dozen other capes: obtained after Bedrock players buy skin packs (e.x. Adventure Time Mash-up, Star Wars Classic Pack)

To equip the capes, go to the character creation page and change the skin. The unlocked capes can be seen there.

2. Migrating your account

Minecraft migration cape is a popular item amongst players. The only method to get a cape that everybody can see is waiting for Mojang gifting you official capes as your account is migrated.

In a blog post back in 2020, the developers announced that every Minecraft Java Edition would be migrated from Mojang to Microsoft. As it was a mandatory change, the player does not need to switch over their account as they would not be able to play Minecraft with that account anymore.

Migration Cape
Migration cape in Minecraft

On the brighter side, once they log in with their Microsoft account, they will unlock a new cape or even more. Take note that this is only available for those who bought Minecraft: Java Edition before December 2020.

How to get a cape in Minecraft with mods

With the power of mods, users can get their own cape that gracefully bellows behind them as they trout. You can get any kind of coveted capes in Minecraft, or even much better, any cape to conceive of. Just make use of any mods such as Advanced Capes mod.

However, there's a setback to this. Other players that you meet on multiplayer Minecraft servers cannot see your cape unless they install the same mod.

So if the main reason you want to get a cape is to flaunt it and boost your power pose, the best way is to follow the official method.

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