In Minecraft, you can do just everything you want with potentials underlying in every entity. From different blocks, potions, to recipes, you can explore any part of your seeds at your own accord.

While some mobs and discreet dangers may give players a hard time sometimes, potions can make it much easier to breathe. One of those fun blessings is Suspicious Stew Minecraft and here’s how to make one to add more thrill to your game.

What is Suspicious Stew in Minecraft?

Suspicious Stew Minecraft is a food item that gives players various useful status effects, helping them with exploration, combat, and almost all kinds of things. Moreover, it also restores your hunger meter and recovers some hearts.

You only need a bowl, a flower, and some mushrooms to craft this item and what you get is a range of different status effects depending on which flower you use.

How To Craft Suspicious Stew
Suspicious Stew Minecraft grants various status effects and helps restore hunger bar.

If you are yet accessible to these useful effects or have yet found a nether fortress, the Suspicious Stew is the solution to this problem.

How to get Suspicious Stew Minecraft

There are several ways to obtain Suspicious Stew:

1. Shipwreck Chests

Players usually spot Shipwrecks in Beach, Ocean, Mushroom Field, Snowy Beach, and Shore biomes. Enter them and you shall find 1-3 chests with loot.

There’s a 57.4% chance you can get a Suspicious Stew inside.

Chest In Sunken Ship
You may find some of these stews in sunken ships' treasure chests.

2. “Give” commands

With the use of the “/give” command, players can grant themselves as many of these stews as possible.

3. Brown Mooshrooms

Give a flower to a Brown Mooshroom, milk it with a bow, and you will obtain a Suspicious Stew afterwards.

4. Trading

Another way to get your hands on the Suspicious Stew is trading with expert-level Farmer Villager. For one Emerald in exchange, you may get 1-2 Suspicious Stew.

Brown Mooshroom And Trading
Apart from how to craft Suspicious Stew, you can also go to Mooshrooms or Farmer villager for help.

5. Suspicious Stew recipe

Crafting is probably the most common way to get the stew as you know which result will come out in the end. How to craft Suspicious Stew requires:

  • 1 Red Mushroom
  • 1 Brown Mushroom
  • Any flower
  • 1 Bowl

Open either a crafting table or your Inventory crafting space. Then put the bowl in the bottom-left corner, and place the brown mushroom, red mushroom, a flower of choice in the 3 boxes around the bowl.

Suspicious Stew recipes and effects

For the unknown, once you have consumed the stew, the bowl will be returned and you can use it for more stews like mushroom stews or turnip stews.

Suspicious Stew recipes
Here's how to craft a Suspicious Stew with 4 ingredients.

1. How to get Suspicious Stew ingredients

Players can pick flowers in the Overworld. Meanwhile, a bowl can be crafted by combining three planks of any kind.

For Minecraft mushrooms, here’s where you can get them:

  • Low-light situations, such as inside of caves.
  • Any biome in the Nether.
  • Swamp biomes.
  • Giant Tree Tiagas.
  • Witch huts.

2. Suspicious Stew effects

As each flower results in a different status effect, you need to know which one has which outcome. They range from positive effects like what the Night Vision potion gives, to negative ones like Blindness and Poison.

The stew will change the given status effect to the player when they have consumed it.

Take a look at the Suspicious Stew effects depending on the flowers and their duration:

Flower Status Effect Duration (seconds)
Allium Fire Resistance 4
Azure Blast Blindness 8
Blue Orchid Saturation 0.35
Cornflower Jump Boost 6
Dandelion Saturation 0.35
Lily of the Valley Poison 12
Orange Tulip Weakness 9
Oxeye Daisy Regeneration 8
Pink Tulip Weakness 9
Poppy Night Vision 5
Red Tulip Weakness 9
White Tulip Weakness 9
Wither Rose Wither 8

Which flower gives the most powerful Suspicious Stew?

Minecraft Flowers dandelion suspicious stew
Regardless of which potion you make and eat, the stew always restores 6 hunger.

Dandelion Suspicious Stew may be the most famous stew variant in Minecraft. A player with half a heart and no hunger can re-get all of their hunger points and heal to full health. This makes Dandelion stew a powerful pick in any case.

Besides, As all potions only last between 0.35 to 12 seconds, you should not expect to use them for a long term in battle. The negative effects are unlikely to kill you in full health, so no need to worry. Moreover, the length of these status effects also alters based on whether you are using Java or Bedrock Edition.

These Suspicious stews can be consumed even if you are not hungry and will grant the status effect.

That’s everything you need to know on how to make Suspicious Stew in Minecraft. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, make sure to search for or check out more of our guides below.

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