The Minecraft oceans are full of different entities and obscure items to make. Some are buried at the bottom of the sea, while others need to be obtained through specific means.

Minecraft fans may accidentally find one or two of these goodies, but the Nautilus Shell is the only requirement for a Conduit to be made. In case you have not known, nautilus shell was added to the game in the Update Aquatic in July 2018, with other items like exploration maps, turtle eggs, kelp, and tridents.

Here’s how to get Nautilus Shell Minecraft and how you can use it.

1. How rare are Nautilus Shells in Minecraft?

The small Nautilus Shell looks like a sea snail's shell. It is tan-colored and has red lines. The rare item can be stacked up to 64 times.

The spawn rate of these shells is merely 0.8%, which is relatively low. Nevertheless, it's possible to elevate the spawn rate or rely on luck by employing the Luck of the Sea enchantments.

The higher the enchantment levels, the greater the likelihood of its appearance. With a level 1 enchantment, there's a 1.2% chance of spawning. Level 2 and level 3 enchantments boost the spawn rate by 1.5% and 1.9%, respectively.

On another hand, Nautilus shells are among the rareest treasure items you can get while fishing. You have a 16.7% chance to reel it in by fishing.

2. Nautilus Shell use

Nautilus Shell
Players can use Nautilus Shells to craft one of the most useful in-game items, a Conduit.

Players use Nautilus Shells to make a Conduit. This item not only lets you breathe underwater but also see as you dive into the water. Moreover, the Conduit has a range that the effects can reach.

This effect can expand to 16 blocks for every 7 blocks. The more prismerine block rings there are, the larger the effective range is. You just need to stay in this area to have these effects active.

3. How to get Nautilus Shell Minecraft

You can obtain Nautilus Shells in Minecraft in three ways: fishing, trading, and mob drop.

#1. Fishing

By default, Nautilus Shells have only a 0.8% chance of appearing. However, you can increase it with Luck of the Sea enchantments.

With Luck of Sea I, you get a 1.2% chance. With the second and third levels, the chance will increase to 1.5% and 1.9%. By far, this is what makes fishing the most time-consuming way to find a shell.

Fishing is a way to get Nautilus Shells, although it takes quite a long time.

#2. Trading

The second option is to find a Wandering Trader across the world. Wandering Traders occasionally sell a Nautilus Shell for 5 Emeralds.

As Nautilus Shells are not always up for grabs, you should re-check often as the Wandering Trader will come back with new in-stock items. Players can spot Wandering Traders from afar as they usually escort their iconic dual llamas.

Wandering Trader
How to get Nautilus Shell Minecraft: Find Wandering Traders and exchange items with them.

#3. Mob drop

The last way to gain a Nautilus Shell is to fight the Drowned under bodies of water. The Drowned only has a 3% chance of dropping a Nautilus Shell in Java Edition and 8% in Bedrock Edition.

Nevertheless, it does spawn with a shell and you can certainly claim it after the creature is dead. Remember that you can only find the Drowned in rivers or oceans. Moreover, they use both ranged and melee attacks to battle it.

The Drowned
Defeating the Drowned will also earn you a Nautilus Shell.

4. How to make a Conduit in Minecraft

To make good use of Nautilus Shells, you need 8 of them and align the items into the empty center block to build a Conduit.

In the middle box, put a Heart of the Sea crystal. As you get a Conduit, use it with a 3x3x3 block of water and the item shall offer a resource called "Conduit Power."

Conduit Making
Conduit Minecraft recipe.

Again, it gives you night vision, restores oxygen, and boosts mining speed. These effects are just perfect for any Minecraft player.

5. Nautilus Shell in Minecraft: Trivia

Nautiluses are animals that occupy deep oceans in the real world. However, they are absent in Minecraft and there are currently no plans to add nautilus mobs into the game.

What does a Nautilus Shell do in your off hand? As Bedrock Edition allows Nautilus shells to be held in the off-hand, they are the only item in that version that can be put in the off-hand slot without having a specific function.

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