Fungi have been there in Minecraft ever since the destined June 2009 and have proven themselves to be the most essential items. You can farm them to make goods with high value.

For the unknown, Mushrooms in Minecraft usually have brown or red color, spawn in dark cave areas, and can range from small to massive size. Players can instantly mine Mushrooms with any tool in the game and the fungi will drop into smaller pieces to pick up.

Further instruction on how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft as well as the recipes that you can use them for will be clarified below.

How To Grow Mushrooms Minecraft
Players can build a mushroom farm to harvest this food item in Minecraft. 

How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft

Luckily, crafting a mushroom farm in Minecraft is a relatively simple task. Although you can totally shear some mooshroom cow to cultivate 5 mushrooms instantly or rifle a whole cave for the same purpose, building a mushroom farm will be the ultimate solution.

Here’s a step-to-step process to create a mushroom farm in Minecraft:

  • Craft a room that is two blocks high and horizontally large.
  • Dig a block up to the ceiling and put down a torch for recessed lighting. (This will allow the mushrooms to grow and spread).
  • Put one torch every 6 squares to prevent dangerous monsters and mobs from spawning.
  • Spread the mushrooms on the ground and wait for them to grow.

This method will allow you to have an unlimited source of brown and red mushrooms. The material does not require sand, water, or any extra space.

Besides, mushrooms are placeable everywhere in Minecraft world, except well-lit zones or on transparent blocks. As mushroom farming has to include low-lit indoor rooms, it poses the danger of monsters spawning in the same place. But planting torches can solve this.

How to get mushroom blocks in Minecraft

Apart from how to grow mushroom in Minecraft, getting mushroom blocks is also an inevitable need. In this case, you can obtain Mushroom blocks by using a tool enchanted with the Silk Touch.

This enchantment helps you get blocks that don’t typically drop by themselves. Without it, you will get either no mushroom block or some regular mushrooms of the same kind.

Minecraft Mushroom Block
Using Silk Touch is the only way you can harvest Mushroom blocks.

Mushroom farms are among the top 5 best food farms in Minecraft to survive and thrive, so do not overlook and create one for yourself.

Mushroom recipes in Minecraft

Minecraft Mushrooms are not too tough to find yet they have a lot of uses. They serve as a component in brewing Minecraft ingredients like a fermented spider eye, and as part of various food recipes.

  • Mushroom Stew (restores 6 hunger) - Brown Mushroom + Red Mushroom + Bowl.
  • Rabbit Stew (restores 10 hunger) - Cooked Rabbit + Any Mushroom + Baked Potato + Carrot + Bowl.
  • Suspicious Stew (restores 6 hunger) - Brown Mushroom + Red Mushroom + Bowl + Any Flower.
Suspicious Stew
Mushrooms are used in many important recipes.

The further you play Minecraft, the more aware you are of Suspicious Stew’s importance in the game. Its exclusive effects depend on which type of Minecraft flowers is added to the stew. You may get poisoning or fire resistance.

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