Minecraft Llama is a wild animal with many uses. You can get this animal from many biomes, including windswept hills and the savanna plateau. Players can also find it in the savanna‌ biome in the Bedrock Edition only. But make sure that you have the required food to tame and breed it. Let's find out what Llamas eat in Minecraft to make breeding work more easily.

Llamas In Minecraft
Llamas in Minecraft eat wheat and hay bale.

I. What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

Hay bale and wheat are the two main food for Llama in Minecraft. But you need to use these foods for different purposes. For example, you need to use hay bale for the Minecraft Llama breed. This food helps activate the love mode of Llamas in Minecraft. Meanwhile, wheat can recover Llamas' health and make the baby llamas grow faster.

Here are locations and how to get these foods for Minecraft Llamas.

  • Wheat

Wheat is a renewable item in Minecraft. You can easily obtain it from farming works or opening chests in many locations, such as Igloo houses, Pillager Outposts, Shipwrecks, and Dungeons. It also spawns in the chests in Underwater ruins, villages, and Woodland mansions.

Minecraft players are able to grow wheat from its seeds collected by farming. This plant has totally eight phases of growth. Harvest them when they are fully grown to collect their seeds. You will get more seeds when using Fortune-enchanted tools in harvesting works.

You Can Grow Wheat
You can grow wheat and collect it in the wild in Minecraft.
  • Hay bale

You can collect Minecraft hay bale in plains villages. It also appears in savanna and desert villages but at a lower spawning rate. You should use the hoe to collect hay bale blocks faster. Or else, Minecraft players can farm it with other tools.

In addition, you can also craft a hay bale block by using nine wheat items and a crafting table. Conversely, Minecraft also allows players to break a hay bale block to get nine wheat items. This block can be used as a wheat's compact storage.

Hay Bale
Minecraft players can collect hay bale blocks in the wild or craft them from wheat items.

II. How To Get Llamas In Minecraft

Llamas is a wild animal in Minecraft world. Therefore, you need to tame it if you haven't got any Llamas in your house. It's pretty easy to tame a Llama in Minecraft. Follow these steps to get wild Llamas and lead them to your house.

  • Go to the favorite biome of Llamas and find one.
  • Approach the animal carefully.
  • Press the 'Use' button to ride it.
  • Ride the Llama repeatedly until a 'Heart' icon appears on the screen.

When you see the 'Heart' icon, the Llama is already tamed successfully. Then, you can lead it to your house. If the Temper stat is high, you have a better chance to tame this animal.

Tame A Llamas
It's very easy to tame a Llama in Minecraft, but you need a high Temper stat.

III. How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft

When you have some adult Llamas in your house, you can breed them to have baby Llamas to raise. To breed Llamas in this game, you need to simply feed two Llamas parents with 1 - 3 hay bale blocks. The baby Llamas will take on the appearance of their parents randomly.

When the offspring is born, you need to feed it with wheat to make it grow faster. Their strength status is also chosen randomly which is an integer between one and the strength status of the stronger parent. Make sure that you have enough food for both parent Llamas and their offspring.

Bread Llamas
To breed Llamas in Minecraft, players need to feed the parent animals with three hay bale blocks.

IV. How To Ride A Llama In Minecraft

Llamas are among the best ridable mobs in Minecraft but their taming process depends on the Temper stats of players. If your Temper bar is too low, you cannot ride the Llamas. Therefore, you can only ride a Llamas if your Temper is high enough.

Then, approach the wild Llama with nothing in your hands and right-click on it. After taming the animal, players can put carpets on their Llamas to ride them.

Make A Carpet To Put On Them
Make some carpets to put on them and ride Llamas in Minecraft.

Those are all you need to know about the taming and breeding works with Llamas in Minecraft. Before breeding them, you need to know what Llamas eat in Minecraft. It's the very first step to having a Llama herd in this game.

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