Cauldron is a very useful item in Minecraft. At first, its only function is to hold water. However, the cauldron has since evolved to be able to store 5 different substances with different uses. In this article, we are going to showcase how to make and use cauldrons in Minecraft.

Players can store water, lava, powdered snow, dye and potions in a cauldron. However, the last two are exclusive to Bedrock Edition. The cauldron is also a job site block used by leatherworkers in villages.

1. How to make cauldrons in Minecraft

To create a cauldron, players need to place 7 iron ingots in a U shape. Alternatively, players can also loot cauldrons from swamp huts, igloo basements, woodland mansions, and village tanneries.

Make Cauldron
How to make cauldrons in Minecraft.

2. What are the uses of cauldrons in Minecraft?

Cauldrons have many usages in the game, such as carrying water or lava. Here are all items to fill in cauldrons in Minecraft.


A water cauldron is a good way to fill potion bottles for brewing if you don't have access to a water source. Furthermore, it is actually the only way to bring water into the Nether. Without a cauldron to store it, water just evaporates.

Players can just jump into a water-filled cauldron to protect themselves from lava or any type of burn.

All Minecraft Cauldrons
Cauldrons can store a lot of things.


A lava cauldron is a good way to store lava and carry it around. Lava is vital to make cobblestone/obsidian, which is good for building bases quickly and making portals to the nether.

Similar to a lava block, it has a light level of 15 and a Redstone level of 3 when used with a Redstone Comparator. The lava inside the cauldron can still burn you if you get inside, however, it won't make other objects catch fire.

Powdered Snow

Players can use the cauldron to carry Powdered Snow around. This is the only solid element the cauldron can carry. You will not take freeze damage falling into a cauldron filled with powdered snow. Players can use a bucket on the cauldron to create a powdered snow block for their decoration purposes.

Dyed Water

Players can make a dyed water cauldron by mixing dye on the water in a cauldron. It can later be used to dye leather. With just one unit of dye, players can change the color of their full leather armor set. Furthermore, they can also mix dye colors by putting different dyes in. This only works in Bedrock Edition.


Players can fill cauldrons with Minecraft potions, one level at a time. Three potions of any type will fill up a cauldron. Standing in it would not give you the potion effect, however, you can use it to tip your arrows and imbue them with additional effects.

It is best to fill up a cauldron first before tipping arrows, as a full cauldron can tip a whole stack of arrows (64). This is the most efficient way to get deadlier projectiles. Players can only do this in Bedrock Edition.

Tipped arrows in Minecraft
All types of Tipped arrows in Minecraft

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