There are many resources needed for daily operation in Minecraft especially in Survival Mode. These resources contain food for characters, materials to create and repair tools, and EXP to create enchantments.

Regardless of which version you play, it is typically essential to stack up these resources over time. While the 1.18 update has been released not too long ago, it’s never too bad to see the best manual farms currently available. Check out the best manual farms to build in Minecraft 1.18.

1. Mob farms

EXP is a must to have in Minecraft as it lets you convert EXP levels into equipment repairs or enchantments. Mob farms, hence, have never stopped being sought-after ever since its introduction.

Besides, mob farms also give players a steady source of items depending on the eliminated mobs. Rare goodies such as ender pearls and blaze rods are less difficult to access if you have a mob farm.

As Minecraft 1.18 gave some alterations to hostile mob spawning, you may need to revamp a number of mob farms.

Mob Farm
However, enclosing a farm already in existence shall not be too hard.

2. Villager farms

Villager farms are also the best manual farms to build in Minecraft 1.18 considering how useful villagers are to every player’s experience.

Manual or automatic, a lot of farms work to breed villagers in a closed environment. From there, you can adjust the spots to make them work close by or attach the villagers to job blocks to change their occupation.

Villager Farms
It is thanks to these professions that we are able to trade Emeralds for various items and vice versa.

When they have had the preferred profession, players can freely trade with their villagers, hence boosting their profession levels and unlocking better trades.

3. Iron farms

Iron is also vital to survival being the core component for crafting Minecraft tools, items, and blocks. It is recommended to keep an iron stock available.

Most iron farms function through the disposing and corralling of iron golems. While iron farms have automated forms, manual farms exist so that players can choose to collect or eliminate at their will.

Iron Farms
Building iron farms will help you have an unlimited source of this material.

4. Potato/Wheat/Beetroot/Carrot farms

In the Survival Mode of Minecraft, we are unlikely to travel far to collect food. Besides, some food items have different applications for crafting recipes, which means it’s good to keep food in storage.

Luckily, basic crops like potatoes, carrots, wheat, and beetroots take little effort to grow and you can manually harvest them.

best manual farms to build in Minecraft
These farms can play the main key in helping new Minecraft players get on when they just started out in their world.

5. Wood farms

Like earlier entries on the list of best manual farms to build in Minecraft, wood farms will make it much easier for the player to breathe. Wood can be made into decoration blocks and it’s also the material to create sticks, an important spec in the game.

That’s why planting trees then growing our own tree groves to keep the resources plentiful. If you find it time-consuming to harvest because of the tree size, don’t forget to use Efficiency enchantment!

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