The devilish goats in Minecraft have more depths than their cute exterior. Having the ability to jump considerable heights and are often found in mountain biomes, the goats are among the newest mobs in the game. However, can you tame a goat in Minecraft?

Besides this question, we will also clarify how ramming and Screaming Goats work as well as how to get and use Goat Horns.

Goat Minecraft
Can you tame a goat in Minecraft and what can you use it for?

How to tame a Goat in Minecraft 1.18

Goats are neutral mobs that are untamable. However, you can instead learn how to breed goats in Minecraft to increase their quantity.

Other mobs that cannot be tamed in Minecraft 1.18 are Rabbit, Glow Squid, Strider, and Axolotl.

1. How to breed Goats in Minecraft

You can feed the goats Wheat to make them enter the “Love mode”. If two goats nearby both are in the Love mode, they will be able to procreate and bear a baby Goat.

This is basically how breeding in Minecraft works. From breeding Bees, Axolotls, to Chickens, the process is the same with the only difference is what kind of food you must use.

Breed Goat
You cannot tame a goat in Minecraft, but you may breed them instead.

On another hand, Goats will follow the player if they hold Wheat in their hand. This can help bring two Goats closer together. Players can also feed Wheat to the baby Goat to make its growth rate speed up.

2. Uses of Minecraft goats

Goats are primarily used as a source of milk. You only need to right-click on the Goat with an empty bucket to milk the goat.

Unlike horses, goats cannot be ridden. That’s why apart from getting milk, this mob is not too practical to keep around. Those who want to keep it as a pet sadly cannot do it as how to tame a goat in Minecraft is currently unavailable.

Goat ramming and Screaming Goats

Every goat in Minecraft has an internal timer varying from 30 to 300 seconds. Once the time elapses, the Goat will ram a player or mob (except for Goats) if the target has not made a move in that time period.

Although a Goat does not deal much damage when ramming something, it can knock you far back and can lead to some falls, even death. Baby Goats can also ram but they do not knock the target too far.

Screaming Goat
There’s a chance of 1 Screaming Goats among 50 Goats.

They look like other Goats, except for the fact that they periodically make loud noises with their screams. Screaming Goats also ram much more frequently than the regular variant. Their internal timer ranges only from 5 to 15 seconds.

How to get Goat Horns

Goat Horns only exist in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players who use Java Edition cannot collect this item. Goat horns were not available in Minecraft 1.17 either, so you must update your game to the latest version to get it.

In Bedrock, a Goat will drop one of its horns if ramming at a solid block. The circle goes on until they are left with no horns.

Goat Horn
When the players right-click with a Goat Horn in their hand, a war horn sound will play.

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